5 Easy Fall Accessories to Spruce up Your Look

Accessories, like any good addition to an outfit, are like the equivalent to putting those last few brush strokes on a painting you’ve worked tirelessly on that just finally pull the piece all together. The notion used to be that “diamonds are a girls best friend.” Now I believe the new saying should be “Accessories are a fashion fiends gold mine!”

Yes, it is true that you can never have too many accessories, but you can have too many on at once. Also, a common misconception is that winter accessories are an equivalent to winter regalia, but they’re actually not.

The first big fall accessory for this isjewelry. Most people believe that heavy jewelry is only useful for special occasions and night-time events, but this fall jewelry’s moving center stage in the accessory frontier. Large chunky embellished jewels are being displayed on the runways everywhere this fall.

Silver and white gold are in and yellow gold is out this fall when it comes to the color tones that you should strive to feature this fall. Gold is bold and vibrant and the fall is contrary to that, as it is all about relaxation, calm, and neutral tones and shades. Emerald green, canary yellow, and fuchsia are all colors being featured in iridescent jewelry and can’t look great with any piko top or cap sleeve dress.

Scarves are always must have fall accessories but they are also the most common misused fall accessory as well. There are several different styles, textures, and varieties of scarves, so your must choose your scarf based off the season you’re currently in. The most common mistake made is wearing a scarf that is either too thin or too thick.

Summer scarves are made of a lightweight sheer or chiffon material and winter scarves usually come in cashmere or wool like fabrics. Fall scarves are normally cotton or jersey-based and have slightly more weight to them than the easy breezy summer scarf. It may take a little hunting to find the right scarf, but when you find it I’m sure you’ll be glad you waited.

Bags and shoes are always two accessories that you can never have too many of. Better yet, these are items that you should focus more on how you utilize them in your wardrobe.

Large oversized bags are popular this fall, but they are simple with little to no excessive decoration. This means let your outfit be the words and let your bag be the exclamation mark at the end of the sentence.

Shoes are focusing on chunky square heels with round toes, and are very goth inspired. So this fall don’t be afraid to find a little fashion inspiration from Herman Munster if you want.

For guys, your watch and wrist will be your choice area of focus for the fall. Just like the women’s jewelry trend you want to make sure you are focusing on white gold or platinum bands. This fall, the chunkier and bigger the face of the watch, the better. Who doesn’t love a big watch? Plus, great watches are an understated way to incorporate fashion into your daily outfit without seeming like you care too much. Bracelets, like beads and rosaries, are still popular although this fall their being featured in more unconventional ways with metals.

Lastly, fall accessories are what can pull an outfit together or tear it to smithereens. So think thoughtfully and strategically about who you want to be, what you want your look to say about you, and deliver that message in the fiercest form fathomable.


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