Coming to College Couture


Transitioning from the everyday high school clothing wearer to a college fashion fiend can be a struggle, but with research, dedication, and sense of self, defining your college style can be achieved.

 This issue of ‘Just In Style’ is all about preparing to attend college. I will cover everything from the packing, decorating, and shopping stages of transitioning so you master your “Coming to College Couture.”

 Although High school fashion is all about fitting the trends and conforming to what society and the popular people feel you should wear, college fashion is completely different. College is the time where you can explore different types of style, experiment with your look, and ultimately discover who you truly are.

 Creative expression is one of the most therapeutic forms of personal growth so I encourage you to use your choice of fashion in college as a way to do so.

 Over-packing for college is probably one of the biggest yet most common mistakes a freshman student can make. The frame you must take on is that you don’t have to pack for a full 16 weeks of school but instead pack for the current season that you’re walking into. The safest way to pack is to bring a majority of universal items that can be mixed and matched with anything.

 Focus your attention on bringing a majority of tops and signature items and less of your attention on how many jeans you wear.

 Also, remember that you can make trips back home so you don’t have to bring everything with you at once. Trunks are an essential packing tool because they provide both width and depth so that you can maximize the number of clothing pieces you can bring. Also, when packing and deciding what shoes to bring make sure that you pack the basics first and then you can add more.

 Research will be your ultimate resource when preparing for the college culture and environment you are joining when entering a college setting. If you’re planning on rushing a fraternity or sorority using those contacts to find out what clothing trends and pieces you should bring will always be helpful.

 Orientation will be a great time to get a scope on what the entire city has to offer fashion-wise and to get feel for what the weather will be like. In addition, visiting the local boutiques and fashion districts in the area are the best and worst places to shop when visiting and also get an idea of what to pack. They are the best because you’ll get direct examples of what the trends residing in your city, but the worst because since it’s local everyone will shop there so you take a chance at purchasing an item that everyone else already has.

 Now that we’ve set the groundwork for research and packing we can get to the really fun part, going through the ‘must-have’ items you should bring as a freshman to college. So, let’s start off with the top items that women should purchase for college.

 Crop-tops and sheer sleeveless blouses are must-have items for the everyday college attire. The great thing about these tops is that you can buy tons of these in numerous colors and styles and because their thin and sheer they will pack easily and not take up much space.

 Leather and embellished shorts are also popular items that women should definitely add to their wardrobe. In the land of accessories turbans are also an item that can be bought in numerous styles and are a great go-to item when you are having a bad hair day.

 Tank-tops and t-shirts with embellishments on the pocket or sleeves such as leather, tribal, or animal prints are items that will be popular to bring with you to college. Printed and design-based blazers are new items that can be mixed and matched with a number of bottoms and worn from day to night.

 Leather pants, light stone-washed distressed jeans and ripped shorts are all bottoms that you should bring into your closet for the upcoming college season. Other than boat shoes, which most guys own by now, signature sneakers with numerous creative detail are items that will add a spark to any outfit.

 Preparing for college is no easy task, so making a list of everything you want to bring or items that you feel are “definites” will be helpful. Also, do a dry run of packing everything that you think should bring and once you’re done come back to it and then edit the amount of what you brought down to a more manageable size. College is a time to find you style-wise and personally, so take risks, live life, and explore the world.

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