Dress for Every Occasion to Get What You Want


Growing up we always hear, “there’s a time and place for everything.” Well, in fashion, there is as well. The theory of dressing for every occasion, whether it’s casual, business or formal attire, may not be new to you, but the idea of making it your own may be quite foreign.

For every setting, there is a different category of dress and set of expectations that accompany it. With the resources and knowledge on how to appear in any environment, you will surely stand out amongst the crowd.

The simplest form of dress is casual and requires little to no explanation at all. All it takes is being yourself. The only suggestion or tip that would be helpful is that although wearing sweats every day is more comfortable, you’d be surprised how much more attentive you will be in class when you are fully dressed.

Semi-casual is a little more technical but has gray area as far as the rules that apply. For women, the main staple pieces that are useful are blouses and trousers. Since it is just semi-casual dress, you have a wide range of freedoms when it comes to colors, textures and lengths to express yourself. For men, semi-casual allows you to wear polo shirts, button-downs and khaki pants, and, most importantly, you don’t have to wear a tie.

When going out for a part-time job, semi-casual dress is always the way to go. Although the part-time job may just be retail or food service, looking presentable can make a difference in you standing out from the other applicants.

Many have heard the saying, “dress for the job you need, not the job you want,” but I suggest dressing for the job you do want. This may seem like an unorthodox suggestion, but dressing for the job you ultimately want to have will motivate you to be more ambitious. Business attire consists mostly of neutral and navy pieces with mild accent colors thrown in from time to time. Pinstripe suits, blazers and ties are the traditional pieces worn by men. To bring some life to business dress, I would suggest a tie or dress shirt in a vibrant color worn separately, not together. These simple choices in dress you make can show your individuality to employers.

Blazers, knee-length skirts and closed-toe heels may seem basic, but there are definite ways women can spice up an outfit for an interview. Blazers in colors such as red, royal blue or green are great ways to make an outfit stand out from the crowd. Also, pops of color in clutches or heels can give an individual flair to an otherwise subdued outfit.

Formal dress is the most elegant of all clothing categories and allows its wearers to transform and be almost anyone they could imagine. There are only a few parameters you have to stick within when attending formal or “black-tie” affairs. The basic requirements are a tuxedo for males and a full-length gown for ladies, unless a cocktail dress is allowed.

Now that you know the requirements, you pretty much have all the freedom you want in personalizing your attire. Although you have creative freedom when choosing your dress, ladies, remember to find a color that compliments your skin and hair. Furthermore, choose an appropriate fit and length that will not drown or take away from your figure. In addition, if your dress has been hemmed and is still too long, opt in for a higher heel to lift you up and avoid that embarrassing possibility of snagging your dress.

Guys, we don’t have much wiggle room with our formal wear as far as color, but we have tons of options in the area of fit. For a more slender male, Italian-cut tuxes are the total way to go. They will create shape, provide definition and give the appearance of muscle tone that standard tuxes normally don’t provide.

European straight-cut tuxes are a great choice for the muscular guy with a large upper body. These provide comfort in the arms and shoulders while also showing off the physique that you work so hard for. Even though most formal events are strictly black-tie, take advantage of those chances to wear a funky-colored bow tie to an event when possible to grab a little bit more attention.

Casual, business and formal attire are three different yet equal aspects of dress that allow you to be the most versatile member you can be in the land of fashion. And even if you don’t care about living in the land of fashion, just trying something new with your normal routine may make all the difference in how your event turns out.

Once you know the basics about the categories of dress, everything else is a piece of cake. Just remember your body is your canvas and your clothes are your paint, so the only thing left to do is create.Men-Business-Formal1

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