Fall Fashion: Innovate Your Wardrobe for Autumn


This fall, fashion is taking a blast into the past like none we’ve ever seen in both men’s and women’s fashion. This season’s collections are giving homage to the 70s and the styles popular during that time. On the runway, both sexes have placed a large emphasis on primary colors, prep-style pieces and oversized jackets, and the trends have followed suit all the way down to our everyday department stores.


The most important trends to look out for in women’s fashion are prints. Dark floral prints are taking over dresses, tops and now even jeans. Floral-printed tops and dresses are pieces that can easily go from day to night with a simple change of shoes and accessories, with little change necessary to hair and makeup.

In addition to basic floral prints for your everyday look, there is a new style called “flomo,” a blend of floral and camouflage. It’s a great motif for a cocktail dress at Thursday socials or even Saturday shopping with the girls.

For the less daring girl, mod-like tops with color-blocking are also popular. Most of these tops feature the primary colors red and blue, with hints of burgundy and mustard yellow. These tops combine daring colors with more subdued neutrals like blacks, grays and tans.

Only three basic staple jeans are needed this fall in your wardrobe, and each pair features its own distinctive style. The first is dark-wash denim, in your fit of choice, preferably slim to straight. This everyday jean can be worn to class, will provide you with the comfort needed for long wear and will look great with every top and pair of shoes. One suggestion is to spend a little more for these, as durability and quality of material will be a very important factor in which pair you purchase.

Pattern-printed and jewel-tone colored jeans are the newcomers on the block but are definitely taking their place in fashion. In floral prints as well as in dynamic shades of blues, greens and yellows, these jeans provide a center of focus for an outfit that might have previously been too simple.

The last is the straight-cuffed boyfriend jean, for weekends at Razorback games when you want to be stylish and feminine while also comfortable. They are also great for date nights, and because of the slim cut and cuff, they are the perfect partner for a pair of rocking high heels.

The final pieces necessary to round out your wardrobe are a great trench coat and a motorcycle jacket. This fall, trench coats are oversized but still have touches that make them feminine enough for any wearer, while motorcycle jackets are sleek with tons of studs and zippers.

Although women’s fashion is ever-evolving and always interesting, men’s fashion has actually undergone the most change this season.


Men’s fashion this fall is all about color, and for most men that can be quite the risk to take. Shirts, sweaters, pants and even some overcoats this season are sporting dynamic primary colors and even some jewel tones. Men’s trousers are featuring colors such as royal blue as well as touches of auburn and sandstone.

The chino-style trouser with a shorter length is the most necessary staple in every male’s wardrobe, even if in the most basic of colors like navy and khaki. These can be worn to class, meetings or even nights out on the town.

Next, men’s button-downs and T-shirts are undergoing some serious construction in the style department. No longer are the traditional basic stripes being seen; more feminine, non-traditional ink-blot patterns in various colors like fuchsia, emerald and gold are being displayed. These stylish tops can really make you stand out as an individual in any setting.

Crew and v-neck T-shirts are necessary in any closet. As a tip, crew necks are for the more slender male, while v-necks are suited for the more muscular fella.

In the outerwear department, more sweaters and cardigans are featuring the “Mr. Rogers”-style pattern. The turtleneck is also slowly being brought back into existence.

This fall, blazers are becoming one of the most desired articles in men’s fashion. Dad’s old, tan tweed blazer and the navy prep-style jacket are great ways to mix up Thursday-night cocktail attire.

The most important tip for men this fall  is to remember the slimmer, “James Dean” fitted look of clothing and model that.

Fall is the most creative and innovative season in fashion, and these trends are reflecting that notion entirely. I encourage you to take advantage of these new fashions, find ways to incorporate them into your own personal style and make fashion a part of you this season.

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