Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit


As students living in a college town, it can be hard surviving the constant temperature changes of northwest Arkansas and keeping up with the always-shifting fashion trends. In light of this, I present to you the Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit. This kit will contain a list of three unisex items and five individual items per gender that are sure to add spice to any outfit, without making it feel contrived and overdone.

Starting off the unisex list of items is a great pair of dark denim jeans for those days when you care or you don’t. For ladies, they should highlight all the right areas in a slim fit, and for gentleman a straight leg will give you that comfort and carefree stylish look you desire. A bonus in buying a dark denim wash is that the color will not show much wear and tear in wet or cold weather, and that’s a factor since winter is right around the corner.

The second is a distressed-yet-fitted-style sweatshirt. This will come in handy for those mornings when you oversleep and just need something quick and chic to grab and go on the run to class. These sweatshirts don’t have to have any graphics; the goal is to find them in a great color like mauve, which will go with virtually anything.

The closing unisex item is a pair of statement sunglasses that speak to your individuality. For guys, a larger, block-style frame usually works better, and with the support of a dark lens they can give that dark, mysterious look. Ladies, more angular, cat-shaped eye frames are very on trend this season and can be sultry and sensuous.


For women, the following items are meant to take any outfit from drab to fab.

First is the head turban, for those days when your hair just won’t behave. These chic cloth and silk pieces will add a flair to your hair that will distract even the most attentive viewer.

Next on the list is the high-low sheath dress, which comes in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. The most important thing to remember is to maintain the silhouette’s integrity; don’t weigh it down with coats and coverings, as the dress will speak volumes by itself.

The motorcycle jacket is next on the list. This fall, there are tons of cuts and patterns to pick from, whether you are a classic beauty looking to add a little edge to your closet or a rocker chick looking for studs and more.

Moving forward, bracelets and large, jewel-accented necklaces are two accessories that can take a dress from fine to fierce. These accent pieces call for attention, and if you rock them, you’ll be showered with compliments.

The final item is a pair of leather riding boots, because no girl wants to wear heels every day. The key to these boots is not focusing on the height of the boot and focusing more on finding a neutral color you can blend with your current wardrobe. These slim boots will pair greatly with your dark denim jeans but will also look great with your sheath dress if styled correctly.


For the guy’s portion of the survival kit, some of these items you may own, but if they’re not in the right style and fit, they aren’t giving you the best wear.

The first item is the slim-cut short blazer, and it should be no longer than mid-thigh. I suggest a navy one for beginners, which allows you to branch out to more colors from there.

A large-face watch is next and can be in your choice of leather or metal band — whichever you prefer. When asked the time, a gentleman who looks at his watch seems so much more prepared for work, and, if nothing more, a watch can be a great cosmetic touch to a simple everyday outfit or evening cocktail suit.

The third item on the list is an old-fashioned bow tie, but not one that’s pre-tied. These ties are making quite the comeback and can really send a statement on an interview or a date.

A pair of straight-leg khaki chino pants is the next item on the list. These can be worn on an everyday trip to class, student government meeting or even a night out on the town.

The last item on the list is a pair of leather-bound boat shoes in your choice of color, whether it be brown, black, tan or gray.

This Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit features items in every category of dress from shoes and clothing to accessories for both genders. With broad suggestions like these, each wearer can take these guidelines add their own personal touches to it. With these tips, you can not only survive Fayetteville this fall but thrive.

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