Head to Toe Fashion Statements

mens h2t

The concept of finding balance within an outfit is all about making a statement. Whenever getting dressed for an event it, is so important to feel like when you walk in the room you will steal the show. The best way to achieve that feeling is by having the confidence that what you’ve chosen to wear is a direct representation of who you are and what you are about as an individual. Today is all about learning how to make a head-to-toe look versus just trying to pick one point or area of focus when coordinating an outfit.

As children, when we are introduced to the art of putting clothes together our parents usually ask us, “What do you want to wear?” But making the decision to feature a sparkly shirt as a child is very different than choosing a full outfit to wear as an adult. The transition between adolescence and adulthood can be a difficult one and finding your fashion identity is usually not at the top of any young teen’s list of priorities.

Statement pieces can be defined a number of ways. A general definition would be that statement pieces are an area of focus that the wearer would like to have featured in their outfit. My personal definition is that statement pieces are items that, when put on, shine and bring an outfit full circle or together. No matter your choice of definition, either way a statement piece is something unique, special, and perhaps even one-of-a-kind.

Statement pieces are items that you don’t mind paying a little bit more money for because you are confident that this item is going to enhance your wardrobe, add joy to your life, and be something that makes you stand out from all others around you when you wear it. By the time you’re an adult, you’ve mastered to a certain extent the process of identifying what statement pieces are and what items look great on you, but now there is a new skill to hone.

This new skill would be mastering the technique of piecing together a cohesive head-to-toe outfit that is making one unified statement. The art of making a head-to-toe statement takes more effort and understanding than just looking for one thing that looks great and relying on it to do all the work for your outfit. A head to toe statement shines in any light and every individual piece looks fabulous and amazing. Whether you start at the top with the blouse, or from the bottom with the shoes your statement will still speak volumes. The great part about having a head to toe statement look is that no matter what angle you’re seen from you will still look like a million books and more.

The first step in putting together a head-to-toe look is having a keen understanding of balance and how to have a good deal of restraint when it comes to choosing what to wear. A lot of times as young fashion fiends, we go shopping for a specific outfit to wear for an event instead of purchasing individual pieces to just have in our clothing arsenal for future reference.

This type of shopping breeds bad clothing cohesion habits. You will never learn how to put together individual items of separate textures, shapes, and palettes until you purchase each individually. A good suggestion to take note of is to not have too much of one style or themed item on. If you have on a top with spikes or jeweled embellishments, do not pick shoes or accessories with those same exact spikes or embellishments.

Pairing items together in that fashion screams immaturity and a lack of individual and personal style. I suggest a more creative approach of pairing abstract and more complex items together to show a full range of creative expression. Just because one of your pieces may not have a lot of fancy doo-dads doesn’t mean that it does not speak volumes when worn. A good way to practice this balance is to not wear all new items but instead mix and match new and old pieces.

This type of pairing forces you to rely on your true in-depth knowledge of your closet. One final thing to take note of is to step away from an outfit once put together and come back to it. Editing will be one of the best skills you can attain because sometimes our first feeling about an outfit may not be our final feeling.

Putting together head-to-toe statement looks requires thought, precision and reflection. But the more you do it the better you get at it, so get out there and start making statements today.


womens h2t

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