Keeping Fayetteville Fashion Funky and Fresh


Kavu, Chacos, Fayettechill and many more brands are items that we see daily on the UofA campus. We know Fayetteville is most definitely funky, but is it fashionably fresh?

As a college senior, I’ve seen the “Keep Fayetteville Funky” campaign in numerous forms for as long as I’ve been here and have always wondered, “Why?” This lifestyle of funky hipster clothing has fascinated me for years, and now I think I’ve finally found a way for fashion fiends like yourselves to get a piece of it, too.

Paraphrasing the words of the infamous “The Devil Wears Prada” character Miranda Priestley, everything we wear comes from somewhere higher for fashion inspired and centered, so even when we think we’re making a statement separating us from the fashion world, our daily clothing choices actually include us.

Fashion is about going on adventures and being beyond just yourself, so why not go strutting down the runway in a pair of Chacos and a North Face? Go for it. The hipster or funky clothing lifestyle is all about embracing the true sense of comfort that clothing can create for you while also providing just a hint of rustic utility.

Incorporating this ease and comfort is attainable for anyone and doesn’t require full, aimless dedication. Purchase one item, such as a pair of khaki rope or “Jesus” sandals and let those speak to you. With trends such as grungy urban and sleek bohemian wear, it will be no problem incorporating this into an outfit that you already have. For our sleek bohemian girl who loves to thrift, you could pair your sandals with an old-school oxford, burnout tank, and deconstructed “Hannah Shorts.” This look is not only comfortable for your feet if you’re going to be on campus all day but is fashionable, just in case you bump into that guy that you’ve had your eye on in chemistry class at Starbucks.


Before we get into some suggestions for guys, lets list a few dos and don’ts when it comes to funky fashion wear.

Do mix things up and play with patterns, textures, and color when possible, just remember moderation and editing is key. Don’t wear socks with your sandals. If you need socks for them to be comfortable, then you shouldn’t wear them. If you don’t like the way your feet look, I have the name of an amazing and affordable nail technician.

Unlike girls, whose main obstacle with grasping funky fashion is incorporating the funky into their fresh style, for guys it is the complete opposite. Men will always opt for complete comfort whenever you give them the chance, even myself! So for male readers, editing your choices of comfort wear versus streamlined fashion will be the goal at hand for you.

Guys try this outfit on for size: a crewneck sweater Fayettechill or any other outdoor clothing brand, lightly destroyed Bermuda denim shorts, and boat shoes. The crewneck provides comfort and ease, the shorts update the outfit and bring it on trend, and the boat shoes help add a sense of masculine maturity to it. Simple, yet funky and fresh.

Overall, the hipster or funky lifestyle is one that can be amazing to explore and incorporate into your closet if you do it right. Fashionistas, look at it as an escape from the daily pressures of being perfectly put together and on trend.

Hipsters, look at incorporating fashion as a way to add just a little bit of freshness to your already seasoned looks. So from now on just don’t keep Fayetteville funky, but keep it fresh as well.


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