Luxe Leather Looks


Traditionally the role of leather in fashion has always resided in the fall and winter seasons, but in the year 2013 new trends have arrived. In the spring and summer 2013 fashion lines leather is forging a new fresh place for itself. The lines between hot and cold, winter and summer are no longer as clear as they’ve been in the past. Traditional pieces that were normally worn during select seasons of the year are now popping up in completely opposite seasons.

As the spring season is coming to a close and summer is fast-approaching, innovative and fresh leather pieces are making their mark on the fashion industry. Although leather may be thick, warm and slightly uncomfortable, “summer leather” is a whole new take on the textile. Summer leather is all about thin, constructed pieces that can be form-fitting but require an extra layer of fabric in the inside to prevent the wearer from sweating.

The number one complaint people have about leather of any kind is that once you begin to get warm, the material sticks on to you in the most uncomfortable way. A large majority of these technical issues with the textile have been alleviated by designers troubleshooting the issue. In an effort to deal with the temperature conflicts and dissonance between leather and summer, textile manufacturers have taken the more labor intensive route.

This route has included creating an entirely new genre of leather called, “brushed leather.” This new style of leather is literally melted and brushed during the production process to make it more abrasive and less skin positive. This style tries to preventatively defend the normal disadvantages that come about when you normally wear leather in a warm environment. Also, in addition to the leather being brushed it is also ribbed so it gives it an added glossy and edgy affect.

The most popular items that have been popping up in the summer fashion lines are skirts. The most popular style skirts are peplum-style. This style is perfectly on trend with the direction that fashion is in right now, with the balance between hard and soft fashion.

The high-waist slim style skirt that balloons out is the most amazing way to accentuate the feminine figure. Furthermore, regardless of your shape or size, this style skirt can create shape and appeal to a petite or plus-size woman. Another popular style

leather skirt that has been floating down the runways is the pleated skirt. This skirt adds length, line, and definition to your body.

The wonder of leather style items is that because of the temperature they will

loosen and fit better much faster than when trying to wear in a leather piece of clothing in the winter.

Designers are also dying these skirts and putting them in all sorts of colors. The most popular colors I’ve seen so far have been mustard yellow, plum, royal blue and blush pink.

Although this may seem surprising, fashion has even sent leather down the runways of men’s fashion as well. For a lot of men leather has been a sense of comfort and strength and the summer pieces of menswear are no exception to that rule. The simplest yet most innovative piece of leather menswear I’ve seen so far is the leather tank top. Some might wonder how a leather tank top works and how it could even be constructed.

The tank is all-leather and is cut from two pieces and put together along a seam on each side of the tank. The most popular design colors of these two tanks have been jet

black and chalk white. A great additional design aspect of these tanks is that they are asymmetrical high-low in their draping. Another popular men’s leather item this year are t-shirts with leather cap-sleeves and chest draping. These t-shirts feature the athletic fitted-style form of clothing and are definitely on trend for this upcoming fashion season.

Although leather may traditionally be a more winter season clothing item, as fashion fiends we must always be open to change. This is a new day and age where leather can be worn year round, so I encourage you to be luxe in leather today.


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