New Style Arrives for Fall

fall fashion 2

This year’s fall fashion forecast is all about interpreting and embracing the past in new and innovative ways. The fall fashion trends this year range from touches of leather, academic mod, to emerald green accents. All of these looks are inspirations from the past that are being changed and interpreted in more modern ways of presentation.

My fall fashion forecast for this year will run down the year’s top and most promising things to look for in your everyday or local boutique or department store. So let’s get started.

Oversized and underappreciated outerwear items such as parkas, fur shawls, and capes are appearing on all the runways and will be available even to the everyday, moderately frugal fashionista. Capes are on my list of must haves and I would suggest investing in a drop waist ‘red riding hood’ style garment if you can attain one. These outerwear items come in a range of colors and encompass a variety of accents from leather, studs and jewels. Some things to take note with this new outerwear trend is that you must always remember to maintain balance in your outfit. Remember, if you plan on wearing a more dramatic piece of outerwear, then you need to support the focus of that by wearing a simpler sleeker outfit to accompany it.

Next up in the forecast is the academic chic look. These ‘60s inspired mod look has been recreated and infused with new 21st century accents. These academic inspired items feature pleated skirts with leather trims, and instead of the traditional coat of arms regalia style buttons they feature jewels instead.

Menswear fabrics such as tweed, argyle, and herringbone are the perfect addition to this fall forecast, especially since the academic chic look is already making an appearance through this fall’s fashion season. Traditionally, vests and ties are items that have become more unisex with time, but never have the fabrics that are designated for certain genders been mixed or cross-pollinated. Women’s ready-to-wear clothing this fall will be featuring menswear fabrics interpreted in new ways. They will feature dark hunter army greens and military steel grays, but will still have soft rounded female cuts and silhouettes.

This fall, hats are coming back in droves and have been seen on the runways of Tommy Hilfiger and BCBG Max Azria. This fall, there will be an assortment of hats to choose from to keep your head warm in the winter. Fedoras, beanies, and bowler hats seem to be the most popular styles favored by designers lately. In addition, to these classic hats reemerging, they are flowing cohesively into the academic chic, menswear fabric, and oversized trends that are taking place this fall. These hats feature unconventional fabrics and accents that are going to make them unique and standout obscurely from their predecessors.

Leather has always been a touchy fabric in the fashion world because, as with many fashion statements, it can go really well or it can go really badly. This fall, the pieces being displayed by designers have really have gone well. Leather is being used to create double-breasted parkas, pleated hi-waist skirts and accents and trims. So, regardless if you’re a rebel or just want to add a little edge to your look, leather is the way to go this fall.

This falls fashions are creating avenues for people to add edge, sophistication, and timeless style to any outfit, yet on your own terms. These looks have been previewed on the runways, but variations of these trends and styles will definitely be available at moderate prices to the everyday consumer, so go shop today.

fall fashion 4

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