Refresh Your Closet for the Spring Season

Burberry Brit Spring Summer 2010 Collection2


With winter days and warm sunny days in our future, spring has finally sprung and it is time to do some much needed spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is all about making those hard decisions everybody already knows the answers to, but nobody wants to say. Procrastination is any spring-cleaners worst enemy and the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be done. There are only a few words you need to say when deciding what stays and goes. Here it is: “I don’t need this!” It’s as simple as that.

The first and most important step in spring cleaning is organization. I’m a firm believer in the mantra, “How you start is how you’ll finish,” so spring cleaning should be no exception from the rule. A good structural foundation of organization within your closets, dressers, etc. should be the ultimate end goal you want to achieve by spring cleaning.

When I spring clean my ultimate goal usually is a combination of several desired end results. My top goal is always first and foremost to have more space. With more closet space you find clothes quicker and easier and if you’re a proclaimed shop-a-holic like me, space makes room for more clothes. I also have a goal to donate at least two large garbage bags of clothes to the Goodwill Donation Center. Although two is a small number, with goals like these you definitely have quite a bit of work ahead of you.

The most efficient way to start organizing your closet is to go through your closet from the most recent season that ended and start clearing things out from there. So let’s start with winter, the season that seemed like it would never end.

Go through your closet and sort through all the items that you did not wear this year.

Next, evaluate why you didn’t wear those items. The most apparent reason why a lot of people don’t wear items from year to year is because of trend-worthiness. Sometimes an item that was popular last year will not be popular this year. Before throwing the item out I challenge you to try and find some use for it, or even put a modern twist on it to infuse some utility and life back into the garment.

Another top reason why items are discarded is sizing. Fit is a major reason why clothing items aren’t worn from year to year. Whether it is that the item has been stretched from its original shape or that it is no longer flattering to your body. An additional reason why some might opt to keep a piece of clothing may be weight goals. The only note to take heed of will be that you should give yourself a realistic and attainable timeframe to be able to reach the weight necessary to have the clothing item fit better.

Diving deeper into the topic of evaluating your clothes, blunt honesty is absolutely necessary to successfully make the transition from one year to the next. Spring cleaning is just like dieting, moving, or doing any task that requires will of self and the determination to get rid of excess baggage. One thing I always try to tell myself is that letting go of a piece of clothing makes room for one more new item that can change your wardrobe.

If the items you’re going through were weather appropriate and they fit, you must ask yourself the question of why you didn’t wear it. Following that, you must also evaluate why you still want to keep it. Sentimental value is not a label that can be put on every item you don’t want to throw away or else its meaning is null in void.

To help alleviate this transition from old items to new, or in other words moving from one year to the next, I suggest you get some practice using the skill of organizing the items you plan on donating or giving away to family, friends, or donation centers.

Spring cleaning is an art of give and take, and is a constant tug-of-war battle between who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. This purging process is tedious and taxing. The last tip I will give you is to take your time sorting and break your closet into small more manageable chunks. If you stay dedicated to spring cleaning before you know it summer will be here and you’ll have room in your closet for a brand new style definition of you.


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