Rock That Rainy Runway

raincoat pictures

Everyone’s heard the phrase “April showers bring may flowers,” and with our current weather situation, a sturdy raincoat is definitely a must-have this season. Although rain is never fun, nor the ideal time to wear your best attire, but my question to you is; Why not make rainy weather fashionable? I think it’s time to rip that rainy runway folks!

Rain coat vs. Rain jacket

Before you can even begin to decide what type of “coat” you want we first must establish why you’re purchasing it. Some of you may be wonder why I don’t call it a jacket. Because rain jackets are created for one purpose only; utility. In this day and age any clothing item you purchase should be multi-functional. Let’s go even deeper. When you Google rain jacket it’s described as a “plastic water repellent item,” versus rain coat which is described as “a clothing item worn to protect from rain and is treated to be water repellent.” These definitions may seem similar but word choice is everything. When was wearing plastic clothing the popular thing to do? Furthermore, when rain jacket is searched a large number of pictures of “children” come up versus when raincoat is searched; fashion forward adults are at the forefront of the list. Rain jackets are a thing of the past and used for children we are adults now and raincoats are what we need!


Now that we have an understanding of the difference between a rain coat versus a rain jacket, it’s time to establish a clear understanding of your purpose or ideal goal when purchasing a rain coat. Normally your goal when purchasing a rain coat is strictly to protect yourself from the rain and the elements. I challenge you to add a new goal or two to the list of purposes for your next purchased rain coat. The first thing you should do is shift your views of what a rain coat is. From now on your new goal when purchasing a raincoat should be to look fashion forward and trendy. Rain is no excuse for you not to be presentable and just give up on looking nice. Use rain as an opportunity to comfortable, casual and most importantly still fierce.


The first step in weeding out the jackets that are “fashion-don’ts” is choosing the proper color. The biggest suggestion I would make in determining the right color for you would be to determine whether you want to be one rain coat that can be worn with several different pieces on a regular basis or if you might be interested in purchasing multiple coats in a variety of shades and colors. Let’s take on the majority of shoppers who will buy a rain coat that can be worn on a regular basis. The ideal shades for a rain coat are grey, black, taupe, and ivory. These colors are all base colors that can easily go with any colored blouse, trouser, or accessory. For the more daring shopper, or our fashionistas, I would suggest finding rain coats and colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. For the fairer skinned shopper pastels like blush pink, light blue and canary yellow are great colors that compliment you. Jewel tones such as royal blue, fuchsia and burnt orange are wonderful complimentary colors for the darker skinned shopper.


The next pieces of criteria on the list are cut and silhouette. No matter how amazing the color of your rain coat, how expensive it is or who the designer may be silhouette and cut is everything. If your rain coat is not flattering to your body and does not compliment your body and even more so who you are it is not the coat for you.

Popular silhouettes to look into are the double breasted coat with dramatic lapels. Because of its button layout it serves as a sort of wrap to provide a slimming look in the mid-section and the dramatic lapels will bring attention to more flattering areas of your body. The other popular silhouette is the single breasted coat with traditional lapels and a cinched belt. Each one of these silhouettes comes in three-quarter, waist, and knee-length cuts. The three-quarter cut is for shorter individuals, waist is for the average wearer and the knee-length for the taller person.

Rain is gloomy, dark and even some might say depressing but don’t allow it to affect your style. You now have all the tools you need to decide your purpose, color, cut, and silhouettes to look for when purchasing your rain coat. April is here and the showers are just beginning so get out there and rip that rainy runway today.


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