Spice Up Your Game-Day Attire


Football is the essence of Razorback culture, and game-day attire is a large portion of that lifestyle. Choosing what to wear on a game day may seem simple to some fans, but for others, what’s worn to a game can have a significant impact on their futures. Although a majority of fans choose their game-day wear for stadium life, for those viewing the game in box offices and at watch parties, clothing choice is equally important.

“What I wear to a game is usually just a simple Razorback tee and jeans because it’s too difficult trying to match the weather and be cute while standing in line,” said Tiffany Montgomery, a junior biochemistry major. This is usually the general consensus for most fans and visitors attending any football or sports event. I venture to provide you with just a few tips and style suggestions to incorporate some style into your routine game-day attire.

Although it can be vexing and annoying, checking the weather is the first and most vital step in preparing what you’re going to wear to the game. When looking at the weather, make your clothing choices while keeping in mind that the actual temperature and conditions may be a few degrees higher or lower than the actual prediction.


For ladies, the next step is to take into account whether you will be attending the game or just watching it from a separate location. After that has been concluded, if you’re not attending the game physically, you must take into account the setting of the viewing party you plan to attend. If you’re unsure about the setting, there is nothing wrong in checking with your host for clarification. Although casual may be the dress for the setting, that is no excuse for not incorporating some style into your attire.

For the casual lady who prefers not to wear a dress or skirt, jeans are not your only option. Colored trousers and capris can be an alternative way to have comfort and style in the same outfit. In addition, if heels are also not preferred, ballet calf socks combined with riding boots are unique, weather-conscious and innovative pieces that add closure to an outfit. Shawls, headbands, necklaces and bracelets are also ways to add a little style to a Razorback tee and jeans. If attending a watch party, your choice of dress is a lot more varied than the more limited choices at a football game.

During the winter season, one-shoulder and A-line dresses with lace and applique are very popular this season. These dresses are popular because their large amounts of detail eliminate the need for much accessorizing. While dealing with these new cool temperatures, they also pair very well with riding boots if a large amount of walking will be taking place and heels are not an option for you. Furthermore, pleated skirts with sweaters or cardigans can be dressed up or down very easily. This versatility is the main reason why they are the perfect choice for a watch party and then a night out on Dickson Street.

Waist-length jackets and peacoats in neutral colors are great add-ons to an outfit if you’re not sure if the weather will be in your favor for the evening. The great thing about these is they can be bought in thick or light versions, so you can purchase the one that best fits your lifestyle.


Being stylish while attending a Razorback game is probably the last thing on most guys’ minds, but for some it is. Button-down shirts in stripes and a variety of colors are effortless ways to look mature while also being comfortable. A nice pair of jeans in a choice fit and wash paired with boat shoes, cowboy boots or loafers will always complete any outfit.

I challenge you to also not wear your North Face or Columbia jackets and choose a more stylish piece of outerwear to provide you with warmth. Military-style and motorcycle jackets are great choices to wear because they do all the work for you. Also, these pieces of outerwear send a message that you care.

If attending a cocktail watch-party-style function,

blazers, sweaters, and cardigans are the best choice. These pieces of apparel are already styled and designed so that you just have to put them on with a pair of khakis, loafers and coat and walk out the door. One suggestion I would make is to be an individual and choose more unique versions of these pieces so that you can stand out amongst others who choose to wear similar things.

Football-game attire is a category of dress that is often overlooked, but it can be significant if you choose to make it a priority. Games are great first-date opportunities, and what you wear can make a huge first impression.

Although winter is among us and your first instinct is to just bundle up and throw fashion out the window on your way to Razorback Stadium, take a moment and mix some style in with your Razorback spirit.

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