Spring 2013: Shine Bright


The time for spring is near. Fashion weeks are coming to a close, and new fashions are about to make their way to all of our local department stores and boutiques alike.

Take a moment and ask yourself a few questions. Does my current wardrobe fit who I am? Will I redefine who I am this year? Is it time to try something completely opposite of my comfort zone? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” then I’m going to reveal this spring’s hottest new trends that will surely help you shine bright like a diamond.

This spring’s runways are all about the comeback. Tons of colors, prints styles and textures are being refurbished and reintroduced in innovative ways like never seen before.

The runways have been filled with stripes, stripes and more stripes. Stripes have been seen on all the top designer’s runways, from Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs. These are a great traditional departure from the more daring Rorschach print and are bringing old-school flavor back into the new millennium.

This trend is great to pair with those dark, denim jeans you love. Stripes are simple, classic and can be dressed up or down with little ease. Red, green and navy are currently the most popular colors used. This big, bold and uncomplicated look can fit any style or gender, which is why it is the perfect trend for spring.

Black and white will forever and always be a staple in the fashion industry, no matter how popular it is each season. This spring, the pair commonly known as “ying and yang” is moving back into the forefront of all our stores as the shades to rock our wardrobe. Although these colors are being reintroduced into fashion, they are not being used in their normal function.

Black and white are being used this spring in color-blocking, ready-to-wear and weaving patterns, my personal favorite trend for the year. Because of its simplicity, weaving is probably the most of affordable of all the trends this year.

Bold, rich and rugged leather pieces are must-have items this spring. The word “luxe” would be a great way to describe the way leather has been displayed for the spring. Skirts and tops with heavy construction are the most recurring pieces being displayed right now.

Irish-style kilt skirts in a burgundy or wine shade are my top pick for leather this spring. Although these colors may seem dark, they can be paired with white collar shirts that you can easily dress up, dress down or even convert from work to a night out with friends.

Bermuda shorts are back this spring with vengeance to show you a new side of them you’ve

never seen before. Bermudas this spring are being displayed in a looser, lighter, less pedestrian form.

This season, the boyfriend-style fit will be used to display the shorts in a whole new light. This fit is great for men and women because it is loose and relaxed, and compliments any body shape. Bermuda shorts are also being produced in patterns like leopard, oriental and floral prints in a variety of shades and colors to fit anyone’s style.

This summer, bermuda shorts are going to be the total epitome of self-expression and individuality for the newcomer into the world of fashion. They are easy to mix and match with tops and can be worn with heels, flats or even sneakers for males.

The Hindu and Indian cultures are also having a large influence on the runways with year. The heavy beading and color palate of those two cultures are being displayed by many designers like Oscar de La Renta and Marchesa. Popular items displaying this kind of craftsmanship are jumpsuits with broad shoulders, heavily embellished skirts and new renditions of the Indian sari.

All of these trends, whether black and white, Bermuda shorts, or even beaded blouses or

skirts, have their own special shine they can and will add to your wardrobe. The key to shining bright this year is all about finding out who you are and selecting pieces that truly define and reflect that message. So, go out there and shine bright like a diamond today.



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