Stand Out This Homecoming Weekend in Winter Styles


With homecoming festivities on this week’s horizon, preparations must be made in the style department. Every year, homecoming falls right when the weather has changed and is your first big step into winter fashions. There are just a few must-have items that you need to stand out at all the homecoming festivities this week.


Ladies, homecoming fashions this year are all about being bold, daring and one of a kind. Those descriptions may seem like a pretty tall order for you fashionistas, but always remember those descriptions are reflections of your personal interpretation of them. No matter what your style is, there are options for you.

Dresses this winter are all about saturated colors paired with accents of black. High necklines, cinched waists and three-quarter length skirts are all essential styles this season.  One signature dress style to look for is A-line dresses with sheer overlays. They are warm enough for winter and unique enough for you. These dresses look great in colors such as hot pink or coral red and pair nicely with shawl cardigans for those late nights on Dickson Street.

A signature skirt this homecoming week is a wonderful statement to make. Herringbone and tweed are great prints to use as a center of focus for an outfit. These skirts paired with a short blazer or prep-style sheer collar shirt can really make you shine at a game watch party.

This winter, sheer colored tights are coming back. They are a great style addition to any skirt combo and also provide utility in the form of preserving warmth. As temperatures continue to drop, colored pants are working their way further into the back of our closets, but don’t worry, replacements have arrived. Corduroy and leather straight-leg pants are making their way into our wardrobe this winter and are a great excuse to buy new shoes. These pants, although retro in stereotype, have been reinvented and updated with accents like riveting and distressing.

Outerwear this homecoming is all about expressing individual style. Motorcycle jackets are a great way to add effortless edge to an outfit or keep emphasis on your bad-girl image. These jackets come both in simple forms and in double-breasted zipper and stud patterns and can be a great performance outfit if you’re participating in the talent show. Pea coats in jewel-tone colors create a sense of sophistication to any outfit and are also wonderful statement pieces for a cocktail party or function on a Thursday evening. Trenchcoats in bold colors like red and royal blue add flair to a great reveal of an outfit you’re proud of on a date. These also are perfect style additions to a game-day outfit if you want to be simple yet chic.

This homecoming is all about the bootie. Tall booties in suede or leather are stylish, whimsical and versatile. They pair wonderfully with pants, skirts, dresses and all things in between.


Blue, green and yellow are the staple colors to feature this winter in men’s fashion. Blazers with signature cuts, cardigans in daring patterns and distressed leather boots are the must-haves this homecoming week. The slim fit Italian-cut blazer can really make a statement this homecoming in bold colors like teal and burgundy. They provide sophistication and transition wonderfully from an early dinner with family to a party or night on the town after the game.

Patterns this homecoming season are how to stand out as an individual. Nontraditional Cosby-style sweaters and cardigans will immediately catch anyone’s attention at a watch party or talent show.

Leather and corduroy pants aren’t just making a comeback in women’s fashion; they are showing up in men’s clothing as well. The trench coat has never been featured heavily in men’s fashion, but for this winter, it definitely can help you stand out. Trench coats in gray and khaki can help keep you warm during a game while adding style to your wardrobe.

This homecoming, men’s boots are all about length, color and style. The ideal length is lower to mid-calf, and the boots should lace all the way up. The colors to target are camel, dark brown and black in a distressed worn look.

Although adjusting to the new weather conditions may take a moment, the end result is quite amazing. Homecoming this year should be looked at as an opportunity to test out your new winter style ideas and outfits. Even though you may not be getting crowned this homecoming season, you can still rule the fashion world. So go out there and get your fashion crown today.

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