The Bargain Shoppers Bible


The art of bargain shopping is an art envied by many, but mastered by few. This skill is one that requires logical thinking, prior planning and most importantly budgeting. With tons of retail stores having continuous sales and constant price markdowns. There are three main commandments you must take into consideration when bargain shopping: quality, utility and longevity.

The first and most important step in the bargain shopping process is identifying the quality of the clothing. When looking at an item, examine the inside tag and identify what kind of material the garment is made of. Your goal is to try and get an item that is 100 percent of one material, such as cotton. Try to avoid polyblends if possible. Usually this is an indicator of a synthetic material and that is never what you want in a clothing item. Synthetic items usually have poor wear quality, such as fading, considering how many times you wear the garment. This is a great indicator of price versus value when purchasing an item. If you feel that the quality of material and the number of wears it would provide are minimal then you definitely want to avoid spending a lot of money for that piece.

Commandment number two dictates the recognition of the usability of the items that you want to purchase are for your current wardrobe. When you define usability you can’t just think of now, you have to think of long term use as well.

The final commandment consists of evaluating an items trend worthiness and longevity. When the price of an item is large and you’re trying to determine its worth, you should evaluate the novelty of the piece and the usefulness that it will provide. Also, if possible, you should consider when and where you would wear this item. Furthermore, ask yourself will you be able to wear this item next year. Sometimes the most popular of item may look amazing but might not even be in style next year. Items with extreme enhancements and design are direct indicators of what some refer to as “one time wear” garments. You should never overspend on these items because they will never return a profit. The best bet when looking to purchase garments that are on trend and currently popular is to search for what I call the “Forever 21 Quick Pick.” These quick picks are items that will be in every store in tons of variations with ranges of quality from high to low, as well as in a range of prices depending on what exactly you want out of the item.

Bargain shopping can be complicated only if you make it that way. An important factor that resonates throughout all the commandments is a thorough knowledge of your current wardrobe and moreover an understanding of your personal style and what direction you would like to go in the future with it. Also, bargain shopping is one of the best ways to try new styles and reinvent yourself. A helpful hint would be to establish relationships with the retail help in your favorite stores so that you can get the inside scoop on when the largest sales are and maybe even possibly receive an additional discount. Relationships are important in any field of life even when shopping.

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