The Return of Grunge

Trends and fads are sometimes viewed as tools used to constantly keep our society trapped in conformity. Although this may be true for some fads, fashion trends reside on the lighter end of the conformist spectrum. Fashion trends were created to celebrate and empower the areas and pieces of our culture that might have been underappreciated up until this point within our society.

2013 has definitely been the year of the punk, rock, and grunge era. It is by far the most popular fashion trend of the year. From large-scale annual celebrity charity events such as the Met Ball all the way down to your everyday shopping store, Forever 21, grunge has made quite the impression on our culture.

Many believe that if you subscribe to a fashion trend you are endorsing or joining the lifestyle or culture group associated with it, but that isn’t true. Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour once said, “Concrete runways, also known as ‘streets’, do not follow the rules of your everyday high school so don’t let the opinions of a few idiots deter you from trying something new.”

The amazing thing about fashion trends is that the barometer for how you use and incorporate them is entirely up to you. So you can choose to go big, go small, or just go home.

Regardless of how much grunge you want in your wardrobe, it’s always helpful to have examples to follow. Let’s break down a few ways to be grungy, yet fashionable at the same time. A majority of the punk grunge inspirations being shown on the runways this year are following the baggy and gingham filled times of the late 80s and early 90s. Plaid shirts, stone-washed jeans or overalls, and timberland boots are just a few of the most popular and easiest items to incorporate into your style.

Ladies, the most amazing part about this trend is that you can be as feminine or as masculine as you want, and there are pieces for every kind of girl. From boyfriend jeans with major distress holes and bleaching to large crocheted sweaters you can be as liberal or conservative as you choose.

A nice blended look would be a leather crop top, light distressed jeans cropped at the bottom, and a pair of stilettos. This look is not only comfortable, its sexy, and it can be adjusted for anyone with just a few simple changes. You can add a plaid shirt on top to add more layers, or add a pair of distressed boots instead of heels if you have a long day of walking planned ahead. There are numerous versions of this outfit in various price ranges, and its also thrifter-friendly so you can find some variation of it anywhere.

Like with most fashion trends, the options for guys are slim but instead of looking at that as a limitation, consider it a challenge to be just that much more creative with how you execute it. Grunge fashion is all about leather, grommets, and spikes and men’s fashion uses these tools as accents.

Unlike the women, because grunge fashion is already heavily masculine influenced wearing some basic pieces are not enough to truly make the fashion statement. If you’re going to do grunge, your full commitment is necessary guys. A nice streamline grunge outfit consists of leather pants, a ribbed tank, baseball jersey, and boots. This outfit is the best of both worlds because it provides comfort in the tank and jersey, while also being on trend with the pants and boots.

Fads, unlike fashion trends, last for a very short period of time and are usually forgotten just as quickly as they came into popularity. Fashion trends last for a few years and instead of just going away they fade out more seamlessly. Grunge fashion has just arrived and it’s not going anywhere. So, take your time, figure out what works for you, and go rip those concrete runways fashion fiends.


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