Winter Wonderland of Accessories

leather gloves

With winter weather knocking at our doors, it’s time to move all of our thin fall clothing out of the way and pull those warm winter pieces up to the fronts of our closets. Winter has such a negative connotation because it causes you to have to dress for warmth, and some feel it hinders you from being stylish. But actually, although many may not believe it, winter is the highest-grossing season in fashion. Winter is all about finding those little things to add some razzle dazzle to your weather-appropriate attire. Today, I will take you on a journey through a winter wonderland of accessories.

There are tons of accessories that both men and women can use to stand out and be fashionable this winter. Scarfs are always the go-to for most individuals when fighting the cold, harsh winds of winter. Although scarfs are the right resource to tap into, most don’t purchase them for style. There are so many options now when it comes to winter scarfs. They come in all varieties of textures, including crochet, wool and cashmere. Crochet and wool scarves are the best choice for dealing with the winds of northwest Arkansas. The traditional linear scarf is great for more formal settings, but I suggest trying infinity scarves. They provide utility and style to any outfit that may have seemed simpler before.

Gloves and mittens are winter accessories that have been around since the test of time but have never really had any individual flare to them. This winter, gloves and mittens are becoming more stylish than ever. Fingerless mittens with rivets and embellishments can add tons of edge to an outfit and also pair well with a leather coat or motorcycle jacket. Leather gloves are the must-have item this season, and tons of celebrities have been seen wearing them already. The preferred style to purchase is the driving glove. This glove is warm, yet thin enough to wear while text messaging comfortably, unlike most gloves on the market today. One shopping tip for finding the right glove is to make sure that the gloves have a warm lining, or else the utilitarian purpose of the glove will be lost.

Women’s winter accessories come in all sorts of varieties and colors. Tights are making a powerful comeback into fashion, and this winter they are being supported by the most unlikely characters. The traditional black tight is always a staple for warmth in the winter, but this year, so are color tights in both sheer and opaque forms. I suggest purchasing a nude pair with gold or silver tints to them. These tights will pair with winter dresses and skirts and can be worn with any shoe.

Wrap beanies are the hottest headpiece in winter fashion this year. These pieces are often handmade with floral embroidery and come in a variety of colors. With the beanies being open, they provide warmth on your ears and also keep your hair in place from being blown around and ruined by the wind.

slouchy beanie

Men have been given more options than ever this season, and every guy should take advantage of them. The slouch beanie is a must-have item this winter for all guys. These hats will keep your head warm and also give you that bad-boy image that most look for. These come in cotton, wool and cashmere yarns and can be thick or thin, depending on your preference. A minor suggestion for those interested in purchasing a beanie is to get it larger than the size of your head. The purpose of the beanie is to be oversized and slouchy, so if it’s too fitted, the desired effect will be lost.

Plaid, linear scarves made of wool will give you warmth and also add a bit of sophistication to anything you wear. Also, they pair excellently with a pea coat and suit of your choosing.

Leg warmers are normally a female product, but this winter they have made their way into the men’s department. Thick, calf-length leg warmers in neutral subdued colors married with an edgy leather boot can really make a statement.

Winter accessories may have been created to provide utility, but they can also bring style to your closet, and when financially investing in apparel, you should look for these kinds of benefits. Whatever style item you choose, just remember that fashion expresses who you are, and winter should not be seen as an opponent to self-expression. Although finding the perfect fit for you this season may take a few tries, remember to always have fun shopping in the winter wonderland of accessories.

wrap beanies

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