Making Winter Fashion Work For You

Is the weather outside frightful? Do you still want your fashion and style to be delightful? If your answer is yes, then you need to learn how to “Work for the Winter.”

Working for the Winter  encompasses the things most important to men and women when it comes to fashion; trend/note worthiness and wearability.

These two concepts are ambiguous to gender and are equally important concerns for fashion fiends of all ages, shapes and sizes. Instead of allowing these issues to ruin your winter wardrobe, let’s find solutions while also looking at some great sensible trends to incorporate into your clothing regime.

Let’s tackle the easiest obstacle first. For men, 90 percent of the time the most important thing will always be comfort and wearability. Comfort is important to me because although you may want to be stylish, the longer your days the less that fashion becomes a priority or even a topic of consideration. This is an issue for many “9 to 5’ers” and individuals with heavy workloads alike.

The most sensible solution to this problem is to strategize and create balance. If you know your day involves a large amount of walking, make a great, still stylish pair of comfortable shoes your focus. Use this method of adding a stylish piece of comfort to your wardrobe versus just removing all sense of style in your outfit completely.

2. Issue number two, trend worthiness, addresses the complex and ever-changing problem with deciding what to wear in the winter months that aren’t outdated and won’t cost you half your salary to purchase. Dresses or separates with full-length skirts are timeless pieces that provide both comfort and fashionable flare. This silhouette is a great choice for those days when you don’t feel completely your best and just want to feel relaxed and free.


Crew, scoop, and turtle neck sweaters are must-haves this winter for men. The wondrous thing about them is that they come in a variety of styles, textures, and can be altered for any type of occasion.

Grunge and glam is a trend that seems to not have only taken over just the spring and fall fashion seasons, but rather yet the fashion world.The best way to achieve this look is through the art of layering. Leather, lace, stripes, and metal are some combinations of typically hard and soft items that when put together create grunge and glam looks.

Next, make one color, the entire focus of your outfit, and the rest supplemental. Wearing red is a winter trend that actually could help you stand out if you’re single this Holiday season. This trend’s entire purpose is to be big, bold, and show stopping.

One more conceptual and less specific tip is to remember to balance proportions. Make sure that if you have large accessories such as a dramatic statement bag, pair it with sleeker more streamline pieces like a pair of cigarette pants. Prints are a huge trend this winter for men. The key to maintaining a masculine edge in your clothing is balancing out your use of print with supplemental neutrals.

Winter can be frigid, cold, and boring or it can bright, stylish, and daring, but that all depends on how you wear your fashions. There are techniques to balancing comfort and trend-worthiness and hopefully these helped. Remember to choose one comfort focus and to infuse your outfit with a popular winter trend. Finally, instead of you working for winter make winter fashion work for you.

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