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Power Hour: Finding The Gladiator In You

For the past decade women on television and in reality have been using their clothing choices not only to satisfy them personally, but also to empower them professionally.

With television shows such as, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Closer, society has seen these women use their clothing to transform them into what Scandal’s lead character, Olivia Pope, titles “gladiators in suits.”

Retailers have also taken notice of how important it has become for women to feel like their best selves and have reinvented the workplace uniform. Clothing store, The Limited, created an entire line of garments this fall based around the many looks of Scandal’s, Olivia Pope.

This 42-piece collection was purposed and created to be, “true to the show’s aesthetic, crisp, clean, and command your respect,” costume designer Lyn Paolo said.

Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating, and Keri Foster, are all powerful women in their workplaces and the fashions they wear add to that delivery as they are challenged week after week, just like every day people.

*See more photos from The Limited’s Scandal Collection and here a few excerpts from Foster’s interview below*

*Click here for direct link to the video*

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