7 Rules To Being A Ruthless Bastard

You want money. You want power. You want sex. Well all that shxt costs. Other people that is, and here’s where you learn how to make them start paying.

In lieu of the impending release of grand master of strategy Frank Underwood’s fourth season of House of Cards; I felt it incumbent upon me to share with you the basics to being a ruthless bastard.

Before we begin the journey that will inevitably lead us all to hell, I’ll share these short words of inspiration via Underwood with you. “From this moment on, you are a rock. You absorb nothing, you say nothing and nothing breaks you.”

With that in mind let’s get to grinding to the top.

If you didn’t gather it from my inspirational quote, feelings cannot be a factor if you’re going to claw your way to the top. So bury those sensitive little fuxkers out in a field in the middle of Wyoming, and NEVER look back. Get to being a better version of yourself here.


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