Color Shock! Branch Out and Get The Color(s) of The Year in Your Closet

2015 was all about the shock factor: from Caitlyn Jenner becoming Woman of The Year, Yeezy announcing his candidacy for President in 2020, to the queen of Bad Blood herself, Taylor Swift, telling Spotify they don’t own her. In the true spirit of rebellion.he Color of the Year was no exception.

Traditionally, there’s one sole Color of the Year (COTY) such as Marsala (2015), Emerald (2013), or Honeysuckle (2011). But just like so many other broken social norms, that tradition has been abolished.

2016’s COTY throne will be shared by Rose Quartz and Serenity, thus issuing in a new era of social change and acceptance.

COTYs are always huge inspirations and forecasters for trends to look for on the runways, and a great way to stay ahead of the crowd. Whether an individual opts to wear the actual “Color of the Year” or coordinate with it, the opportunities to incorporate it into your arsenal are endless.

Color’s role in the male fashion world has always been used as a definition of masculinity, security, and domination, but this fashion season color will be emerging as a reflection of emotion over an expression of gender.

Rose quartz (or blush pink), and serenity (often referred to as lavender) are traditionally categorized as effeminate colors, and can be met with rigid hesitation by men. Instead of incorporating color safely in a simple sweater or polo shirt, why not up the ante, and truly commit to wearing it?

Associating feelings with colors provides huge opportunities for inspiration for incorporating or choosing coordinating colors to wear. Upon initial introduction the feelings associated with rose quartz and serenity are warmth and tranquility. These soothing feelings should help you figure out a direction when styling yourself by choosing pieces of clothing that also mirror those desired emotions.

If you opt to wear the chosen colors of the year —- pick cuts, textures, and styles of dress that provide a rigid contrast to those softer more calm-natured feelings. Leather, asymmetrical cuts, and tapered lines are some great opportunities to execute this look.

Another option in relation to the color of the year is to simply wear colors that coordinate with them. To our benefit, more colors for the color of the year only provide the wearer with more options of colors to pull from.

Pantone, has pulled together a swatch of colors they refer to as, “A Transporting and Transformative Canvas,” that provides you with ten coordinating colors, including the infamous rose quartz and serenity.

By pairing colors such as Snorkel Blue with serenity, and Fiesta with rose quartz, the wearer is provided an aesthetic of contrasting perfection; similar to how the pairing of sweet and savory flavors in one dish can make an amazing palette pleaser.

If you’re a simple guy who’d rather highlight the colors subtly, then small pieces and accessories are a tried and true form of color execution. This season take advantage of the popularity of a suede Chelsea boot, large brim fedora, or even a collared shirt or turtleneck underneath your main top for just a little peek of fun.

For the more daring individual in fashion, take a unique approach to color by combining multiple colors such as Green Flash, Serenity, and Limpet Shell, or Buttercup, Rose Quartz, and Peach Echo.

The purpose of the Color of the Year is as substantial or important as a New Years resolution. If achieved, that is wonderful, if not, don’t sweat it too much. Tomorrow always presents another opportunity to find some sort of utility for this color in your wardrobe. The most important piece of info to take away when contemplating the introduction of a new color into your wardrobe would be to truly embrace the notion that it is not a lifetime commitment, and its potential is truly limitless.

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