Fashion Shows. There’s ‘Levels’ To That Shxt

Fashion Week is the Olympics of fashion, and I’m not telling you to dress like an all-star of fashion but at least try to make a splash in the pool fellas. The myths and etiquette surrounding attending fashion shows has always been about as confusing as Kanye West’s next album title, but I’m here to help dispel the myths, give you some clarity, and provide you with a few helpful rules to follow when attending your next fashion show.

The most common question I’ve been asked is:

Why the fuxk should I even care about fashion shows, nevertheless attend one?

Fashion shows are a designers equivalent to your first time out on the beach or at the pool at the beginning of summer. It’s that proclamation displayed in all its prominence that you’re here to show everything you’ve worked hard for. And just like some of us who’ve done a 30-day sprint versus a 90-day one, the dedication will show. Plus, if you don’t even care about the actual show it’s an opportunity to network, meet hot people, and party with the cool kids.

On a more serious note, this question is probably one people should ask more often:

How should I dress when attending a fashion show?

When attending a show you have a few options, but the one option that you don’t have is to attend the show dressed like it’s about you. You’re a guest, not the star, and nobody cares about what you’re wearing unless you’re famous.

A simple rule of thumb is to wear all black or just something simple and chic like you would on any night out. Some of you guys might only be there because a friend or a date invited you so this a effort-free alternative to having to put too much energy into being there without looking lame. Another option is to research the show you’re attending and try to match the designer’s style aesthetic or color palette. That’s always a fun way to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re feeling all gung-ho for the show, you could always opt to wear an actual piece of clothing from the designer themselves.

It wouldn’t be a fashion show rules round-up without addressing this query:

What shouldn’t I do at a fashion show?

The answers to this question would seem like they would fall under the category of common sense but you’d be surprised. The main thing to keep in the forefront of your mind is to be aware of your surroundings and not make it about you, so don’t come to the show drunk. Save it for the after party bro, because then everyone else will be drunk too and won’t notice how obnoxious you’re being. Next, don’t diss or comment negatively about the designer to anyone during the show or in a crowd. You never know who is family, a friend, or simply an associate of the designer, and you don’t want to step on toes or burn any bridges. Lastly, don’t wear the designer from head to toe, and think that it’s a compliment to them. That pretty much is a plea for attention, and nobody needs that much love buddy.

When it’s all said and done, fashion shows supposed are an opportunity for people to get together, celebrate an individual’s hard work and dedication, and socialize or even party. So as long you remember that and follow these simple rules, I doubt you’ll go wrong.

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