Get A Cup of Joe With Your J’s!

The notion of stopping in a coffee shop and grabbing a quick cup of joe will never be the same, now that I know that I could have my cup with a pair of brand new Jordans.

Deadstock Coffee, originally opened in 2014, is a sneakerheads hideaway neatly tucked in the city of Portland.

Founded by former Nike Footwear Developer, Ian Williams, the shop is pairing custom brews such as his infamous ‘Coffee Sweet Tea’ with art, clothing, and the grand daddy of them all personal shoe consulting. The primary goal of the shop is to bring the sneaker, coffee and art communities together, according to Complex.

The best part about Deadstock is that you can drop off your sneakers and have a tailored cleaning and restoration plan applied to them. We all have that one pair of shoes, from our glory days, that we just don’t want to let go of, but Williams shop could save the day and bring them back to life. He plans to reopen his doors next week, according to reports from The Portland Business Journal.

Whether you’re in the Portland area or not, at least take note of Williams’ emphasis on shoe cleaning and restoration. If you want to be a respected sneakerhead love your shoes as much as I do, you’ve got to treat them right. So look up a local cleaner, or pick up Williams’ brand Crep online and clean them yourself with a cup of coffee.

Deadstock Coffee Owner Ian Williams

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