Give Your GF A Bey Day for V-Day

It’s Monday, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve yet to find a gift that will satisfy your lover.

But, in these last waning hours, Beyonce might’ve saved you with the announcement of her next stadium tour.

During her stellar guest performance during Super Bowl 50 with Bruno Mars and Coldplay, it was announced that she will be going on a tour in the near future.

This gift isn’t just a normal win, it’s a win, win, win. Not just for you, but for your girlfriend and the entire free world if they play their cards right.

On Saturday, Bey released a single titled, “Formation,” which encourages women to appreciate their lovers flaws, and to reward them with food and clothing when they treat them well. Um hello dudes, take her to the concert for the chick that’s telling them how to treat you like Superman. She’ll be happy you took her to the concert, you’ll get to enjoy Beyonce dancing around in those leotards, and you’ll be crowned the king of the world for delivering this amazing gift.

Plus on top of that, your lover could get a couple of sexy dance tips from the concert for them to use later on you. Sounds like quite the reward to me.

Pre-Sale tickets for Beyonce’s 40-date stadium become available February 16 and range anywhere from $65-$300. You may not be able to actually go to the concert for the holiday, but i’m sure just the fact that they know their going will keep them happy.

Everyone says the price doesn’t matter, and it’s the thought that counts, but this gift definitely will let your lover know that you went the extra mile.

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