It’s Not Rocket Science. But It Is Underwear.

Some people think that the notion of picking out underwear is this haphazard activity that can be made with reckless abandon. Well, I’m sorry to tell you big homie: It ain’t that simple.

Comfort should always be the primary motivating force behind a clothing choice, but there are just a few other factors that should be taken into account before you seal the deal; or better yet break open that new pack of undies. You know those nut huggers can’t be returned once opened right? That’s your first fun fact right there.

Underwear is the foremost foundational element of anyone’s wardrobe and as such has to be handled with respect and care. With that in mind, the Gods of the Loin wouldn’t be pleased if we didn’t dispel the most trivial of myths on the market. For starters, it’s outright false that there is an underwear that goes with everything. I’m sorry bro, the only brand of underwear that goes with any outfit is BA&B — bare ass and balls. If kicking it commando works for you traditionally for comfort, I challenge you to take a few notes from this on what style to wear when and where. I promise you that with a proper pairing between occasion and undergarment style you’ll feel free as a bird.

Versus looking at underwear as a obligation, let’s approach it as an accessory, like an Apple Watch. That’s quite the difference of products, but the analogy can really work. One of the most marketable aspects of the watch is that you can buy multiple bands to fit various facets of your life. Viewing underwear as an accommodation to the many facets of your style can make committing to its wear that much simpler.

I believe in tackling the pair with the largest amount of resistance first, briefs. Let me guess some of your thoughts. “These are tighty whities!” “Nothing about these could ever be comfortable,” etc. The key to pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is removing the negative stigma you have around them.

Get the rest of my tighty whitey breakdown here.

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