Jamie Foxx Pulls Driver from Burning Car

You think you’re a badass? Well as of Monday night, if your name isn’t Jamie Foxx you’ve probably got a way to go. It definitely looks like all that stunt work and training from movies like, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Django Unchained must have finally paid off for the actor.

A car skidded across the wet road in front of a gate near Foxx’s home in LA Monday night, hit a ditch, and flipped upside down according to TMZ. Prior to jumping into action to help save the day, the actor called 911. When police finally arrived, Foxx told them he feared the car would explode.

With the assistance of another person on the scene, Foxx used a tool to bust a window, cut the seatbelt, and drag the driver to safety, a California Highway Patrol report states.

NBC News reports that the authorities were able to transport the injured victim to the hospital safely, and that the Oscar-winning actor turned modern day superhero has stayed quiet about his feat of bravery.

One interesting question to ask would be why Foxx has stayed so hush hush about his cool guy act of toughness? In fact, the police report doesn’t even state his name.

With the awards season well under way, a new acting season freshly starting, and getting tons of props for making fun of Steve Harvey at the Golden Globes, this act of heroism could be just the thing to springboard him into this next action-packed role.

With a slew of movies on their dockets, we wonder how many scripts from DC or Marvel will start showing up on his desk now.  Guess we will have to stay tuned.

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