Justin-Rayne’s Rules: Vol. 2

  • What is so bad about cargo shorts?

Well what may be easier to discuss is what’s good about cargo shorts. Um let’s take a second. PING. Not a mother fuxking thing. They’re baggy, are practically made from camping tarp, and contribute nothing to you or society.

The essential issue with cargo pants is that they scream immaturity and a lack of self interest as a whole. Some of my friends love to exclaim, “But, these are just for lounging around.” Well my advice to you would be to keep them lounged within the secrecy of your home, and NEVER allow them to exit.

Also, if you’re truly trying to mature and grow as a person, you have to accept the age old notion that, “Perception is reality.” I know it sucks, but it most definitely has some truth to it. No self-respecting person would want to walk around the park on a date with you in tan carpenter pants with 18 pockets.

As a general rule I always advise people, if you’re not painting put those puppies away.

  • How to determine if the clothing you already own is ‘cool’?

Let us first address the problem in your question. If you have to ask if your clothing is cool, that’s a problem within itself. Fashion is most certainly a form of personal expression, but instead of using the term ‘cool’ as a barometer for judgement let’s switch it with on trend.

If you’re an individual that cares about being in style and on trend the easiest route to follow would be to pick up a magazine or visit a popular fashion blog. They’re current, allow you to make a choice based on your style of dress, and are subject to your personal execution of the outfit.

A general rule to apply when looking for style’spiration is to take high fashion or popular pieces you like, and try to repurpose the items you currently own to mimic the styles. Why waste money on new things when your closet already has a few things you could be using?

Your clothing is as cool as you believe it is. Now whether it’s on trend or in fashion is a complete different story. But I believe in you without a doubt.

  • Are there brands that refurbish?

There really isn’t a such thing as brands that refurbish. That essentially would mean they take back and resell old pieces after repairing them, and that’s kind of horrid.

What’s popular with many designers now, such as Jordan is to recreate past patterns or styles with a fresh twist. This has become a popular trend with iconic design houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and on a more sensible fashion level Tommy Hilfiger.

In the vain of warranties or returns, L.L. Bean and Nordstrom have an unlimited return/exchange policy with practically no questions asked. So perhaps that’s something to consider as well.

I would suggest if you’re looking for something old school, simply head over to a thrift shop and grab a few vintage pieces for next to nothing.

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