Justin-Rayne’s Rules

  • How do i keep my suede from getting messed up?

The easiest, smartest, and most efficient way to keep your suede from getting messed encompasses two basic steps.

Whenever investing in a pair of suede shoes, regardless of style, make sure to purchase a suede brush and cleaner or waterproof treater. An overall rule of thumb when it comes to shoe upkeep is to proactively protect them to create a solution before a problem such as scuffing ever arises.

The other half is pretty simple; check the freaking weather dudes! If you know there is moisture on the ground, today is not the day to go out and try pounding the pavement in those hush puppies. NEVER forget that once suede is damaged by moisture and water, it’s nearly impossible, or at least extremely difficult, to return back to its original condition.

  • What should I wear on a first date?

This is a difficult question considering I’m missing a few particulars, but i’ll give you my general rule. Whenever I’m going on a first date I always try to go to a mid-range restaurant and dress in anticipation of any possible shift or turn of events, so I’d suggest you do the same.

My first suggestion would be to wear a printed or patterned button-down paired with a sweater over it to provide you with a couple of get out of jail free cards. The button-down is casual because of pattern, but formal enough that a sense of care went into the selection of the shirt, and the sweater on top only further restates that message.

I’d pair the top with a nice dark pair of denim tapered or slim fitting jeans. Avoid washes if at all possible. These dark trousers are going to keep the look sleek without too many bells and whistles. (see also Spring Denim Series)

Lastly for the feet I’d wear a simple pair of white Jack Purcell’s or sneakers that keep the look a bit classic. If you’re still looking to take your look up a notch further, you can pair the look with a unique pair of socks for an added kick.

Another added bonus, depending on temperature, is keeping in mind that you can never go wrong wearing a baseball style bomber or leather motorcycle jacket.

  • How many pairs of sneakers should I own?

This is a question I don’t think I will ever be able to provide you a definitive answer to (considering I literally own over a hundred pairs), but I can give you list of a few shoes that you should make sure to have in your closet.

  1. Low-Top Sneaker – This shoe is going to be great for those casual days in the office, but will also come in handy for date nights.

  2. High-Top Sneaker– When your boys call you for brunch, this sneaker is going to give you that added support when your body’s feeling limber from the liquor.

  3. Leather Boot – Transitioning through the seasons has never been easier since a variety of boot styles have been introduced to fit just about every body type and personality on the spectrum. From summer to winter you can never fail with these in your closet.

  4. Lace-Up Oxford Shoe – Walk into the office with these classic shoes on and expect to the taken serious before you even open your mouth to speak.

  5. Suede Loafer – These are the shoe equivalent to business casual; that vague description of dress that no one ever really understands. Whenever that is the dress code, throw these on and you’re guaranteed to succeed.

  6. All-Purpose Running/Athletic Shoe – From grocery store runs to crossfit workouts this shoe will always pay for itself with its durability and versatility throughout the day to tailor itself to your needs.

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