Make Your GF Proud & Keep These Cupcakes In Your Cabinet

Oreo may have just created the ultimate super junk food, just in time for the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and pretty much any day you refuse to drag yourself off the couch.

The kind-hearted and loving people over at Nabisco have gifted us with a Cupcake-flavor combining the two of our favorite junk foods.

This cookie will basically be a Hostess cupcake sandwiched between oreo cookie greatness; featuring chocolate cream filling with white cream filling in the middle.

The folks over at Delish even have a few suggestions on ways to eat them from, “straight-up, or dunk them in milk, sure, but if you’re looking for fresh ideas, try Oreo Popcorn, Oreo truffles or a dang Cheesecakeadilla.”

Available to consumers on February 8, just in time for V-Day or just a lazy day on your sofa you’ve got to try these out and let us know if you survive the sugar rush.

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