Nike’s Black History Month Collection is a Must-Have

From Serena Williams, to Stephen Curry, or Lebron James, each of these athletes have contributed their talents and skills to make the past sports season one for the record books. Since 2005, the folks over at Nike have been paying their respects during Black History Month, and this year’s 2016 collection is hotter than if Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and Drake all were on the same track.

From basketball, to running, casual streetwear, and more, this collection contains a variety of styles that will please just about anyone on the sneaker spectrum.

Featuring geometric shapes, patterns, and textures, this 28-piece collection has truly created a place where fashion and function find their harmonic synergy, and it will continue to keep giving you more and more as it rolls out in stages.

Some of my favorite styles in this collection include the Lebron XIII in a base layer of black/white covered in a tribal Pan-African inspired print. The wonder of this shoe is that it masters the right ratio of solid to print, and in doing so the design can really shine. Remember this next time you want to buy a sneaker in a bold print. If your shoe looks like a mullet don’t buy it!

Lebron XIII BHM 2016

Another hot style we’re checking out is the Zoom Streak in the running section. This shoe is perfect for the guy that’s looking for an all-around the town shoe that’s going to provide not only style but comfort. Simple and sleek with just a hint of flare in the form of a printed check mark, this sneaker definitely is a necessary product to add to the conservative dresser’s arsenal of footwear.

Zoom Streak LT3

The sneaker I’m stanning over in this collection would have to be the Jordan Spike. Talk about a statement maker baby! The classic shape is covered completely in tribal brushstrokes, with thick black outlines to keep the print from overwhelming you. A quick tip if you happen to cop this prime piece of footwear is to keep your clothing simple, and let all the focus be on your feet.

Jordan Spike 40 BHM 2016

The Nike Black History Month Collection retails between $90-$300 and will continue releasing pieces of the collection until February 14, so keep an eye out for your faves and good luck stop, dropping, and copping.

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