Protect Ya Neck (and face): 15 Winter Grooming Tools

It’s 27 degrees outside, the winds are blowing at 15 mph, and you decided to take a shower this morning. Bet you’re regretting that idea huh?

Very much so like a Bill Murray comedy, these are all recipes for a lack of moisture,windburn, and just pure and utter skin torture if you don’t have the right team supporting you. Here are a few products that could help you make it through the winter when it’s trying to whip your ass!

Zirh Mild Face Wash – This mild face wash is non-abrasive, soothes, and moisturizes your face from those days when it is already irritated and dry from the wind and cold. ($15)

Avalon Organics Hydrating Toner – By rebalancing natural moisture levels lost throughout the day, while also using natural products such as cucumber and lavender to tighten the pores. ($12.25)

Menscience Eye Gel Mask – This dual healing mask, cools to reduce puffiness, or warms to brighten dark areas. Also, due to its durable casing and gel can be used repeatedly. ($16)

Malcolm’s Miracle Moisturizing Gloves – Designed specifically for men these gloves remove the callused and chaffed damage from excess abrasion in just 20 minutes. ($15)

Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask – One of the most forgotten areas during the winter is the head and hair. In just 5 to 7 minutes this mask will bring back your hair’s natural shine, elasticity, and manageability that has been lost due to exposure to the elements. Slap in on before you shave and wash it out once you’re done. ($35.89)

Molton Brown Moisture-Rich Ultrabar – Scented with sandalwood and patchouli this full body and face soap creates a thick lather that preps face for shaving and refuels the body with moisture. ($22)

FIT Lip Serum – A dry kiss is never a must-have, but keeping your lips moist is a top priority that should never be forgotten. Using extracts from marine botanical plants this serum enriches your lips to the core versus the surface like a balm. ($11)

Lab Series Night Recovery Lotion – A stress-free alternative to working on your skin in the morning or straight out of the shower is to try a nighttime recovery routine or product. Slap this lotion on at night as a pauper, and after a night of it hydrating and healing your skin you’ll wake up looking a prince. ($39.25)

Philips Air Humidifier – This little piece of heaven not only will keep your voice warm and smooth in the morning but with the use of its Nano technology will quietly remove germs and excess bacteria floating throughout the air. ($100)

Kyoku Facial Moisturizer – By combining the power of Japanese herbs and technology this moisturizer takes a more technological approach towards infusing moisture and hydration into the skin. ($31)

Menscience Advanced Face Lotion – Make-up is not the only thing that can give someone’s face a matte finish. This facial product combines green tea with alpha hydroxy acids to quickly absorb into the skin leaving it with a matte finish. ($39)

Every Man Jack Shave Lotion – Made with chamomile, sunflower seed and olive oils to soften and prep the skin/beard for pre or post shave that will give you a quality shave throughout the day. ($6)

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream – Using the power of lactic acid to attack dryness and the sweetness of apple and sugar cane to infuse the skin with hydration this body cream will provide your entire body with the moisture it needs to fight any cold winds headed your way. ($30)

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm – Created to fight windburn and extreme temperatures this SPF 25 emollient lip balm soothes dry skin, while also providing intense therapy to the lips. ($7.50)

Bluebeards Wonder Beard Intensive Repair – Wind and cold temperatures naturally dry out our skin, and that includes our facial hair. This conditioner fights the coarseness of facial hair by rejuvenating it with the power of meadowfoam oil and in just 3 minutes your face is ready to take on the elements. ($20)

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