Puma & Alife Make Magic Again!

Sneaker veteran, Puma has once again collaborated with streetwear rookie, Alife, to produce a captivating line of clothing and footwear. Their 2016 Spring/Summer collection is all about combining the things both brands find value in. (Now that’s how you do a partnership!)

The collection is really taking an interesting approach towards combing concept with design. By using Puma’s classic, “Blaze of Glory” sneaker design and Alife’s textile innovations, they’ve truly found their stride as partners.

Combing inspiration from the classic high school football days and the Lower East Side of New York, according to reports from Hypebeast. The phrase that best encapsulates the essence that is these shoes would be, “rugged sophistication.”

The shoes Trinomic midsole featured speckled detailing, which has become a new staple for the brand, and a pairing of neoprene and nubuck leather across the upper body of the silhouette

The collection and sneakers can be found at various retailers including: Concrete, Seventyfive, and FootPatrol.


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