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Science Says You Can’t Avoid Looking Like A Bitxh!

Kanye West, Anna Wintour, and pretty much any other salty person in the world has displayed a dose of ‘resting bitch face’ sooner or later in their life. Science has now discovered that this is no simple form of hateration, but an actual scientific phenomena that should be respected and understood.

For those that aren’t fully familiar with what resting bitch face (RBF) is the easiest way to describe would be to google, “Kanye West’s happy face.” Lol just kidding folks, but in essence it’s simply an expressionless face with just a touch of sadness added to finish it off.

A few celebrities famous for making this face are Kim Kardashian, Samuel L. Jackson, and of course the oh so famous Grumpy Cat.

Research firm Noldus found using facial recognition technology that the amount of facial expression for faces displaying supposed RBF doubled in comparison to truly neutral faces. This led the researchers to conclude that the face may actual be genetic some degree and not just an unwaveringly salty ass display of contempt.

The firm also shared their program’s system to determining if a face is truly resting bitchy. “It’s in subtle signals, like ‘one side of the lip pulled back slightly, the eyes squinting a little,’” researchers said to The Washington Post.

The folks over at Complex are calling for a cure, and I totally agree. This epidemic must stop, because you never know who’s next. It could be me or it could be YOU!

But now that you know the signs and signals to what RBF truly is, either you can try your damndest to stop it or you can say fuxk it and tell people, “This is my face, and it’s genetic you freaking idiot!”

To see a full gallery of some of the most iconic RBF’s check out Perez Hilton’s gallery.

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