So You Want To Buy A Blazer

Make your next ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ your most stylish ever by schoolin’ up on the basics of blazers.

Like clothing, blazers are nothing new to the world, but the part they can play in your wardrobe and lifestyle is something that should be redefine your style especially since your dad’s navy blazer probably barely fits you anymore buddy.

Let’s first take a look at the most common, and versatile blazer around, the single-breasted blazer. A majority of the blazers you acquire should be single-breasted and American style in cut. The American style cut of the blazer simply refers to the emphasis that the blazer gives to the shoulders, chest, and arms. Traditionally most American styles will be very uniform throughout, as to include as many different body frames and shapes as possible.

On the most basic of levels, single-breasted blazers literally tell you the biggest difference between them and others in their name, that it has one single row of buttons down the front. Another stylistic difference between this piece is that the jacket flaps only overlap enough to permit buttoning and nothing further. So keep in mind that you shouldn’t really squeeze into this. Single-breasted blazers deliver a naturally formal look by creating a taller, slimmer appearance. This more executive style look is timeless and immensely versatile.

For the guy in the gym who wants to feature the fruits of his labor a double-breasted blazer could be a good option, especially if you’re looking to make a statement. This blazer in an English style cut promotes emphasis on the chest, shoulders, and arms. With higher armholes and trimmer sleeves, this slimmer fit cut jacket is often featured in bold and attention-grabbing patterns and textures. Cut in a shorter length than its cohorts, this European authority inspired piece of clothing features wide peak lapels to project a more elegant appearance.

You really know you’ve made it in the world when you can go out and purchase yourself a ‘Bespoke’ tailored sports jacket. These lavish investments should make statement, but not a splash if that makes any sense. As they’ve grown in popularity new simple-tailor style off the rack options are regularly becoming available, but traditionally they’re always cut originally for the wearer, unless thrifted. Because they are tailored exactly to your body’s specifications you want it to created and cut for a special occasion. Other than the original tailoring and unique pattern of the coat, the most unique aspect of the Bespoke jacket is that the sleeves are attached separately to create freer body movement. This makes it that much easier for you to turn up at the next company party or wedding you attend.

In case this basic introduction wasn’t enough for you, here a few additional things to keep in mind when purchasing a blazer no matter the type:

  • Fabric – Texture and feel can make a huge difference in how people choose their clothing, as well as decide what they like on others. Taking the time to pick a quality fabric such as tweed, twill, or wool is what can separate the chumps from the champions.

  • Color – Understand that when selecting a color for a sportcoat or blazer, that its entire purpose is to supplement and add to your closet not repeat anything that’s already in it. So keep in mind all the basic colors suits or jackets you own, whether they’re black or brown and choose things that are a bit more daring or unique.

  • Price – Although you can only determine your budget for a purchase of this sort, but here are few things to think of when determining a jacket or blazer. The most important deciding factor to think about when it comes to any purchase would be to consider how often you plan on actually wearing it. Next, would be is if you purchased a bold pattern, you understand that it has limited wear, and the times you wear it must be gapped out. In the case of the Bespoke suit, make the occasion noteworthy or truly call for the additional cost, such as an engagement party, promotion celebration, or graduation.

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