These Guys Take #SquadGoals To A New Level

People are looking left and right for a quick way to save quick, but the trophy for best cost-killing stunt has to go to these guys.

Best friends, Bo and Mike, linked their bodies together within a fat suit to sneak into the movies as one person together. While one friend dresses in massively oversized clothing, the other clings to him as tightly as the two were trying to cling to their money.

To their own surprise they made it into the theater without notice. My only question is why see the freaking Avengers of all movies. Isn’t it out on DVD anyway? I would’ve gone to see something new and much more entertaining, such as The Revenant or The Hateful Eight.

This should definitely be on every guy and girls bucket list before death, because this is most definitely an entry level attempt at creating Hangover like memories. Plus if nothing else, you’ll bond and certainly find out who is really down for the cause.

Regardless Bo and Mike definitely are creating #bffgoals for all of us, and stop and check out our list of movies we can’t wait to see this year.

Here’s the hilarious video of Bo and Mike’s antics below:

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