This Is Where Style Starts

When it comes to elevating yourself, improving your fashion sense, or ‘magnifying’ your personal style, there are just a few ‘Things You Need to Know’.

To be a ‘classic man’ you’ve gotta have the gear. That starts with a bomb-ass blazer. Determining what style and cut best fits your body frame and lifestyle is the first step to truly becoming a serious mover-and-shaker in the realm of fashion and style. Whether it be English or American, single or double-breasted as long as you make the best choice for you it will always work.

Nobody wants to buy it before they try it and that definitely applies to featuring the best assets you have in your jeans: your legs. Purchasing the right shade and fit of denim can give you that extra edge you’ve been yearning for. Try them out at your next happy hour and see how many chicks will be appreciating the package you have to offer.

Somebody important somewhere once said, “People won’t always remember who you are, but they will remember how you made them feel.” Your clothes should do the exact same thing. Being aware of the Color of The Year, and how it can play into your closet, is not only a great ace-in-the-hole, but an interesting conversation topic at your next networking event or mixer, if when worn it catches people’s eye.

Since winter is finally freaking here we’ve got to find a few ways to stay warm and stylish. Although it will probably take a bit more research on the front end, the return (in compliments) from investing in a coat that does more than just keep you trendy, but toasty as well, is a sacrifice real men just have to make.

These are just a few initial things you need to know when it comes to style and fashion for the new year. For more answers about all things fashion and style, stay tuned to Justin-Rayne’s Rules.

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