Wear What He’s Wearing: Grammys 2016

For the first time in Grammy history, this year the guys out dressed the girls, and I believe it’s about freaking time. 

But clearly the thing that made men the frontrunners this year in fashion had to be their confidence in owning their personal style. For the winners this year they embraced the Color of The Year, a properly tailored blazer/suit, or just relied on one item to shine versus everything.

Here are Magnifier’s Best Dressed Men:

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt Grammys

The most impressive part about Hunt’s suit is that it truly fits the guy just right. I mean, when you think about it, if you’re going to have on a silk pink suit; it better fit fuxking amazing.

James Bay

James Bay

James Bay was all about self-expression and staying true to his rocker boy ways. It actually paid off for him when he paired some skinny trousers with a velvet blazer and english top hat.


Common Grammys

Common kept it cool, calm, and consistent last night, without a doubt. With just a bit of embellishment on the lapel of his blazer. He kept it chill with black from head to toe and patent leather loafers.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith Grammys

The award-winning singer displayed a slimmer version of himself in a sleeker look that was most certainly euro-inspired. Wearing a 3-piece bespoke suit, Smith could definitely be in the next Kingsman movie whooping ass and singing love songs.

Jack Antonoff

jack antonoff grammys

Jack Antonoff broke out as a style highlight for sure this year. Sometimes less is more, especially if you are looking to switch up your style. Following Antonoff’s strategy of wearing a blazer in a non-traditional color paired with simple furnishings can never fail you.

Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa grammys

The rapper turned Twitter warrior took us to the runway with his tuxedo-jacket with tails and matching regalia accessories. If I had to describe how he looked overall I would describe him as ‘Puffing Prince Charming’.

No matter the reason, whether it’s the Grammy Awards, or just a black tie event, the key to winning in style is simple. Be yourself, own your style, and make fashion work for you.

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