Winter Wonderland of Accessories

leather gloves

With winter weather knocking at our doors, it’s time to move all of our thin fall clothing out of the way and pull those warm winter pieces up to the fronts of our closets. Winter has such a negative connotation because it causes you to have to dress for warmth, and some feel it hinders you from being stylish. But actually, although many may not believe it, winter is the highest-grossing season in fashion. Winter is all about finding those little things to add some razzle dazzle to your weather-appropriate attire. Today, I will take you on a journey through a winter wonderland of accessories.

There are tons of accessories that both men and women can use to stand out and be fashionable this winter. Scarfs are always the go-to for most individuals when fighting the cold, harsh winds of winter. Although scarfs are the right resource to tap into, most don’t purchase them for style. There are so many options now when it comes to winter scarfs. They come in all varieties of textures, including crochet, wool and cashmere. Crochet and wool scarves are the best choice for dealing with the winds of northwest Arkansas. The traditional linear scarf is great for more formal settings, but I suggest trying infinity scarves. They provide utility and style to any outfit that may have seemed simpler before.

Gloves and mittens are winter accessories that have been around since the test of time but have never really had any individual flare to them. This winter, gloves and mittens are becoming more stylish than ever. Fingerless mittens with rivets and embellishments can add tons of edge to an outfit and also pair well with a leather coat or motorcycle jacket. Leather gloves are the must-have item this season, and tons of celebrities have been seen wearing them already. The preferred style to purchase is the driving glove. This glove is warm, yet thin enough to wear while text messaging comfortably, unlike most gloves on the market today. One shopping tip for finding the right glove is to make sure that the gloves have a warm lining, or else the utilitarian purpose of the glove will be lost.

Women’s winter accessories come in all sorts of varieties and colors. Tights are making a powerful comeback into fashion, and this winter they are being supported by the most unlikely characters. The traditional black tight is always a staple for warmth in the winter, but this year, so are color tights in both sheer and opaque forms. I suggest purchasing a nude pair with gold or silver tints to them. These tights will pair with winter dresses and skirts and can be worn with any shoe.

Wrap beanies are the hottest headpiece in winter fashion this year. These pieces are often handmade with floral embroidery and come in a variety of colors. With the beanies being open, they provide warmth on your ears and also keep your hair in place from being blown around and ruined by the wind.

slouchy beanie

Men have been given more options than ever this season, and every guy should take advantage of them. The slouch beanie is a must-have item this winter for all guys. These hats will keep your head warm and also give you that bad-boy image that most look for. These come in cotton, wool and cashmere yarns and can be thick or thin, depending on your preference. A minor suggestion for those interested in purchasing a beanie is to get it larger than the size of your head. The purpose of the beanie is to be oversized and slouchy, so if it’s too fitted, the desired effect will be lost.

Plaid, linear scarves made of wool will give you warmth and also add a bit of sophistication to anything you wear. Also, they pair excellently with a pea coat and suit of your choosing.

Leg warmers are normally a female product, but this winter they have made their way into the men’s department. Thick, calf-length leg warmers in neutral subdued colors married with an edgy leather boot can really make a statement.

Winter accessories may have been created to provide utility, but they can also bring style to your closet, and when financially investing in apparel, you should look for these kinds of benefits. Whatever style item you choose, just remember that fashion expresses who you are, and winter should not be seen as an opponent to self-expression. Although finding the perfect fit for you this season may take a few tries, remember to always have fun shopping in the winter wonderland of accessories.

wrap beanies

Does What You Wear Reflect Who You Are? Election Clothing Analyzed

The power suit is not a new concept, but the theory behind how you choose one is. With every piece of clothing you put on, you are sending a message, whether it is conscious or not. Even the smallest choice, like deciding to wear an athletic-fit shirt versus a standard-fit one, can say, “I’ve been working out and I want to proudly display my results.”

Those same thoughts and choices were made when it came to the clothing worn by the 2012 presidential candidates. Although their suits may seem simple and by the book, I will venture to delve deeper and interpret the pieces worn by both men.

In men’s fashion, there is a limited amount of options when it comes to suits, but we have more choices today than we ever have before. The first and most important aspect in wearing a suit is fit, with choices including traditional, standard, executive and Italian-tailored. The traditional and standard fits are the most popular because they are versatile, can be worn for any occasion and are flattering on any body type.

Governor Mitt Romney wore a black traditional-fit suit to the first presidential debate Oct. 3. The traditional-fit suit is usually favored by the more conservative, “traditional” man. Usually, this all-American guy is family-oriented and holds strong to the core values of what manhood is defined as. Although this suit is popular and versatile, it is a security blanket to protect from actually trying to make any fashionable statement.

In contrast, President Barack Obama wore a navy executive-fit suit to the first presidential debate. This style suit is the epitome of a businessman at his finest. Cut broadly in the shoulders and slim in the waist, it creates a tall, powerful silhouette.

The Italian-tailored suit is rarely used in a professional setting, and I wouldn’t suggest it because of its sharp, harsh lines. It features every physically marketable area of the male physique. Cut slim in the shoulders, back and waist, and accompanied by a straight-leg trouser, this type of suit would be an amazing choice for the inaugural ball.

Now that the reasoning behind the candidates’ suit choices have been observed, let’s dive deeper into separates. Both candidates wore white T-shirts, although the length of President Obama’s shirt seemed to not provide for cuff links. This lack of a cuffed shirt sends a message that he desired a more casual look and feeling from his attire that evening. Governor Romney, in comparison, wore a cuffed white shirt will silver cuff links. The choice to wear cuff links presents the image of seriousness and formality. These slight differences in decision may seem irrelevant, but when viewing the perspective of the candidates in the debate, a viewer could find a correlation in the clothing and the candidates’ presentations.

Accessories are the accents that bring individuality to any suit, like throwing paint onto a blank canvas. Ties are the main accessory that show who you are in an outfit, whether it be a bold statement or a more subdued one. Governor Romney wore a candy-red silk tie with a diagonal pinstripe tied in a slim Windsor knot. Although his color choice was associated with his allegiance to his political party, other details within the tie can be evaluated. The choice to wear a pinstripe tie in a diagonal design sends a message of being relatable and approachable. This was a good choice from a publicity standpoint since he is running for a public office.

A cerulean tie with horizontal ruching tied in a large double Windsor knot was President Obama’s choice. The double Windsor is the tie style endorsed ironically by the one and only Donald Trump. This style is advertised as a key tool used by power players in corporate America and the executive world alike. In adherence to that theory, for someone whose position is being challenged, a strong yet relaxed stance seemed to be the way to go.

Lastly, pins aren’t marketed to men frequently, so both candidates’ decision to wear one was very interesting. President Obama wore a small pin proportionate to the size of his lapel, while Governor Romney opted for a larger, more lapel-dominate pin. These decisions in pin wear furthermore encouraged the attitudes and messages being exhibited by their attire.

Regardless of the suit’s fit, type of cuff, tie color and pin size, the understanding is the same: Everything you wear sends a message about who you are and what you stand for just as much as what you say.

election clothing

Spice Up Your Game-Day Attire


Football is the essence of Razorback culture, and game-day attire is a large portion of that lifestyle. Choosing what to wear on a game day may seem simple to some fans, but for others, what’s worn to a game can have a significant impact on their futures. Although a majority of fans choose their game-day wear for stadium life, for those viewing the game in box offices and at watch parties, clothing choice is equally important.

“What I wear to a game is usually just a simple Razorback tee and jeans because it’s too difficult trying to match the weather and be cute while standing in line,” said Tiffany Montgomery, a junior biochemistry major. This is usually the general consensus for most fans and visitors attending any football or sports event. I venture to provide you with just a few tips and style suggestions to incorporate some style into your routine game-day attire.

Although it can be vexing and annoying, checking the weather is the first and most vital step in preparing what you’re going to wear to the game. When looking at the weather, make your clothing choices while keeping in mind that the actual temperature and conditions may be a few degrees higher or lower than the actual prediction.


For ladies, the next step is to take into account whether you will be attending the game or just watching it from a separate location. After that has been concluded, if you’re not attending the game physically, you must take into account the setting of the viewing party you plan to attend. If you’re unsure about the setting, there is nothing wrong in checking with your host for clarification. Although casual may be the dress for the setting, that is no excuse for not incorporating some style into your attire.

For the casual lady who prefers not to wear a dress or skirt, jeans are not your only option. Colored trousers and capris can be an alternative way to have comfort and style in the same outfit. In addition, if heels are also not preferred, ballet calf socks combined with riding boots are unique, weather-conscious and innovative pieces that add closure to an outfit. Shawls, headbands, necklaces and bracelets are also ways to add a little style to a Razorback tee and jeans. If attending a watch party, your choice of dress is a lot more varied than the more limited choices at a football game.

During the winter season, one-shoulder and A-line dresses with lace and applique are very popular this season. These dresses are popular because their large amounts of detail eliminate the need for much accessorizing. While dealing with these new cool temperatures, they also pair very well with riding boots if a large amount of walking will be taking place and heels are not an option for you. Furthermore, pleated skirts with sweaters or cardigans can be dressed up or down very easily. This versatility is the main reason why they are the perfect choice for a watch party and then a night out on Dickson Street.

Waist-length jackets and peacoats in neutral colors are great add-ons to an outfit if you’re not sure if the weather will be in your favor for the evening. The great thing about these is they can be bought in thick or light versions, so you can purchase the one that best fits your lifestyle.


Being stylish while attending a Razorback game is probably the last thing on most guys’ minds, but for some it is. Button-down shirts in stripes and a variety of colors are effortless ways to look mature while also being comfortable. A nice pair of jeans in a choice fit and wash paired with boat shoes, cowboy boots or loafers will always complete any outfit.

I challenge you to also not wear your North Face or Columbia jackets and choose a more stylish piece of outerwear to provide you with warmth. Military-style and motorcycle jackets are great choices to wear because they do all the work for you. Also, these pieces of outerwear send a message that you care.

If attending a cocktail watch-party-style function,

blazers, sweaters, and cardigans are the best choice. These pieces of apparel are already styled and designed so that you just have to put them on with a pair of khakis, loafers and coat and walk out the door. One suggestion I would make is to be an individual and choose more unique versions of these pieces so that you can stand out amongst others who choose to wear similar things.

Football-game attire is a category of dress that is often overlooked, but it can be significant if you choose to make it a priority. Games are great first-date opportunities, and what you wear can make a huge first impression.

Although winter is among us and your first instinct is to just bundle up and throw fashion out the window on your way to Razorback Stadium, take a moment and mix some style in with your Razorback spirit.

Stand Out This Homecoming Weekend in Winter Styles


With homecoming festivities on this week’s horizon, preparations must be made in the style department. Every year, homecoming falls right when the weather has changed and is your first big step into winter fashions. There are just a few must-have items that you need to stand out at all the homecoming festivities this week.


Ladies, homecoming fashions this year are all about being bold, daring and one of a kind. Those descriptions may seem like a pretty tall order for you fashionistas, but always remember those descriptions are reflections of your personal interpretation of them. No matter what your style is, there are options for you.

Dresses this winter are all about saturated colors paired with accents of black. High necklines, cinched waists and three-quarter length skirts are all essential styles this season.  One signature dress style to look for is A-line dresses with sheer overlays. They are warm enough for winter and unique enough for you. These dresses look great in colors such as hot pink or coral red and pair nicely with shawl cardigans for those late nights on Dickson Street.

A signature skirt this homecoming week is a wonderful statement to make. Herringbone and tweed are great prints to use as a center of focus for an outfit. These skirts paired with a short blazer or prep-style sheer collar shirt can really make you shine at a game watch party.

This winter, sheer colored tights are coming back. They are a great style addition to any skirt combo and also provide utility in the form of preserving warmth. As temperatures continue to drop, colored pants are working their way further into the back of our closets, but don’t worry, replacements have arrived. Corduroy and leather straight-leg pants are making their way into our wardrobe this winter and are a great excuse to buy new shoes. These pants, although retro in stereotype, have been reinvented and updated with accents like riveting and distressing.

Outerwear this homecoming is all about expressing individual style. Motorcycle jackets are a great way to add effortless edge to an outfit or keep emphasis on your bad-girl image. These jackets come both in simple forms and in double-breasted zipper and stud patterns and can be a great performance outfit if you’re participating in the talent show. Pea coats in jewel-tone colors create a sense of sophistication to any outfit and are also wonderful statement pieces for a cocktail party or function on a Thursday evening. Trenchcoats in bold colors like red and royal blue add flair to a great reveal of an outfit you’re proud of on a date. These also are perfect style additions to a game-day outfit if you want to be simple yet chic.

This homecoming is all about the bootie. Tall booties in suede or leather are stylish, whimsical and versatile. They pair wonderfully with pants, skirts, dresses and all things in between.


Blue, green and yellow are the staple colors to feature this winter in men’s fashion. Blazers with signature cuts, cardigans in daring patterns and distressed leather boots are the must-haves this homecoming week. The slim fit Italian-cut blazer can really make a statement this homecoming in bold colors like teal and burgundy. They provide sophistication and transition wonderfully from an early dinner with family to a party or night on the town after the game.

Patterns this homecoming season are how to stand out as an individual. Nontraditional Cosby-style sweaters and cardigans will immediately catch anyone’s attention at a watch party or talent show.

Leather and corduroy pants aren’t just making a comeback in women’s fashion; they are showing up in men’s clothing as well. The trench coat has never been featured heavily in men’s fashion, but for this winter, it definitely can help you stand out. Trench coats in gray and khaki can help keep you warm during a game while adding style to your wardrobe.

This homecoming, men’s boots are all about length, color and style. The ideal length is lower to mid-calf, and the boots should lace all the way up. The colors to target are camel, dark brown and black in a distressed worn look.

Although adjusting to the new weather conditions may take a moment, the end result is quite amazing. Homecoming this year should be looked at as an opportunity to test out your new winter style ideas and outfits. Even though you may not be getting crowned this homecoming season, you can still rule the fashion world. So go out there and get your fashion crown today.

Dress for Every Occasion to Get What You Want


Growing up we always hear, “there’s a time and place for everything.” Well, in fashion, there is as well. The theory of dressing for every occasion, whether it’s casual, business or formal attire, may not be new to you, but the idea of making it your own may be quite foreign.

For every setting, there is a different category of dress and set of expectations that accompany it. With the resources and knowledge on how to appear in any environment, you will surely stand out amongst the crowd.

The simplest form of dress is casual and requires little to no explanation at all. All it takes is being yourself. The only suggestion or tip that would be helpful is that although wearing sweats every day is more comfortable, you’d be surprised how much more attentive you will be in class when you are fully dressed.

Semi-casual is a little more technical but has gray area as far as the rules that apply. For women, the main staple pieces that are useful are blouses and trousers. Since it is just semi-casual dress, you have a wide range of freedoms when it comes to colors, textures and lengths to express yourself. For men, semi-casual allows you to wear polo shirts, button-downs and khaki pants, and, most importantly, you don’t have to wear a tie.

When going out for a part-time job, semi-casual dress is always the way to go. Although the part-time job may just be retail or food service, looking presentable can make a difference in you standing out from the other applicants.

Many have heard the saying, “dress for the job you need, not the job you want,” but I suggest dressing for the job you do want. This may seem like an unorthodox suggestion, but dressing for the job you ultimately want to have will motivate you to be more ambitious. Business attire consists mostly of neutral and navy pieces with mild accent colors thrown in from time to time. Pinstripe suits, blazers and ties are the traditional pieces worn by men. To bring some life to business dress, I would suggest a tie or dress shirt in a vibrant color worn separately, not together. These simple choices in dress you make can show your individuality to employers.

Blazers, knee-length skirts and closed-toe heels may seem basic, but there are definite ways women can spice up an outfit for an interview. Blazers in colors such as red, royal blue or green are great ways to make an outfit stand out from the crowd. Also, pops of color in clutches or heels can give an individual flair to an otherwise subdued outfit.

Formal dress is the most elegant of all clothing categories and allows its wearers to transform and be almost anyone they could imagine. There are only a few parameters you have to stick within when attending formal or “black-tie” affairs. The basic requirements are a tuxedo for males and a full-length gown for ladies, unless a cocktail dress is allowed.

Now that you know the requirements, you pretty much have all the freedom you want in personalizing your attire. Although you have creative freedom when choosing your dress, ladies, remember to find a color that compliments your skin and hair. Furthermore, choose an appropriate fit and length that will not drown or take away from your figure. In addition, if your dress has been hemmed and is still too long, opt in for a higher heel to lift you up and avoid that embarrassing possibility of snagging your dress.

Guys, we don’t have much wiggle room with our formal wear as far as color, but we have tons of options in the area of fit. For a more slender male, Italian-cut tuxes are the total way to go. They will create shape, provide definition and give the appearance of muscle tone that standard tuxes normally don’t provide.

European straight-cut tuxes are a great choice for the muscular guy with a large upper body. These provide comfort in the arms and shoulders while also showing off the physique that you work so hard for. Even though most formal events are strictly black-tie, take advantage of those chances to wear a funky-colored bow tie to an event when possible to grab a little bit more attention.

Casual, business and formal attire are three different yet equal aspects of dress that allow you to be the most versatile member you can be in the land of fashion. And even if you don’t care about living in the land of fashion, just trying something new with your normal routine may make all the difference in how your event turns out.

Once you know the basics about the categories of dress, everything else is a piece of cake. Just remember your body is your canvas and your clothes are your paint, so the only thing left to do is create.Men-Business-Formal1

Fall Break Fashion: How to Pack Smart and Stylishly


For many students, packing is an issue we face on a regular basis. As a travel maven, I will venture to provide you with an efficient set of tips to simplify this unavoidable obstacle.

“Packing for a trip out of town is the most daunting task,” said Brianna Turner, senior psychology major.

Whether you are planning a visit to another city, attending a festival or just going home for the weekend, packing and choosing clothes to wear doesn’t have to feel like a job.

Packing for a trip is all about perception, and we all know the age-old saying “Perception is reality.”

One of the biggest mistakes people make when preparing for a trip is not having an itinerary or even an idea of what may take place on their journey. The most important step in packing is preparation. To the best of your ability, get a clear idea of what you’re going to be doing so that you make sensible clothing choices that will fit your environment.

For women, this is a huge issue, so the easiest way to solve this problem is to bring a majority of semi-casual outfits. The best bet for men is to dress up more than you usually do.

Weather is also a large contributing factor in the packing process and should be regarded as such. The best way to prepare is to look at the full forecast in your expected destination from several sources to create an accurate account of what the possible weather outcomes could be.

If you’re still unsure after checking the weather, then bring one or two outfits that will work in different weather conditions. A nice, dark denim jean is always the best choice if there is a chance of rain.

The best way to decide how many outfits to pack for a journey is to count the number of days, add one night or mingling outfit, and lastly one extra for just-in-case situations. For a three-day weekend, five outfits will suffice if you’re prepared properly. Also, no more than three pairs of shoes should be brought, preferably two if you can do so.


The most versatile way to prepare for a trip is to bring one item from several separate categories of dress. Ladies, a dress, skirt, blouse, T-shirt, jacket and pair of jeans are all you need to be fully prepared for a trip.

To be more specific, for the weekend of fall break, a fitted skirt, nighttime dress, sheer blouse, tank or camisole, v-neck T-shirt, light jacket, dark denim jean, and a-line or daytime dress are a great set of choices.

In the area of shoes, a black and brown pair of heels and one pair of flats can create a light load when packing. If you’re expecting cooler weather, swap out either pair of shoes for a nice pair of boots.

Accessories can also weigh down a bag if not picked out properly. Bring two necklaces, one bracelet and one accent ring that are versatile and interchangeable with your chosen outfits and can fit whatever mood your occasion calls for.


Guys have it so much easier in the packing department, although sometimes the real issue they have is not packing enough for the occasion. Being too casual for your trip home can be a flaw when preparing for a trip as well.

For men, although the variety in pieces that you bring is not so broad, you should still bring the same number of outfits. A blazer or jacket, two button-downs, a polo shirt, two pairs of jeans, one casual pant and a v-neck T-shirt are a great versatile combination of pieces to bring on your trip.

The only rule men need to remember with shoes is to make sure they can match whatever you wear. Boat shoes, sneakers and boots are the best bets in packing for any occasion. Accessory-wise, all you need are a watch and hat that will go with a majority of what you’re bringing.

Although these suggestions may seem very restrictive and make you feel limited, they really aren’t. In normal instances, fashion gives us no barriers. Instead of looking at packing as torture, consider it a challenge.

Self-expression can be done on a big scale or a small one; just remember that if you truly know your style, it will be seen in anything you wear.

What To Wear on a First Date

The art of dressing for a first date takes skill, decisiveness and talent. Your college years are the best time to really find out what works for you in both style and relationships.

Many questions may run through your head when dressing for a date: What’s the best way to show off my strongest features? Is there such a thing as looking too sexy? How do I look casual without looking like I’m trying too hard?

The first step when preparing for a first date is deciding where you want the date to go and the potential it has. There are three basic categories dates potential can fall into: physical, emotional and undecided.

Physical is the most common in college because most college students’ actions are driven by sexual desires, especially for males. The emotional category is based on the fact that you believe your date has the potential to be someone you want to create a relationship with. Being undecided is also very common when you’re not too familiar with your date or randomly met them, which is perfectly fine.

For each one of these categories, certain signals and messages about what you desire should be considered when choosing your wardrobe.

The physical category is all about the art of advertising your greatest assets and characteristics.

For women, all you have to remember is that skin is always in. Items that look great for this category are short skirts, sheer blouses and bodycon dresses. These will show off your legs, hips and curves. Also, big hair and sexy high heels are great additions to an already sexy look.

For men, you want to try and feature your physique as much as possible without looking like you want to. Pieces like fitted-style button-downs, polo shirts, v-necks and boot-cut jeans will show off your arms, chest, legs and calf muscles. These are some of the areas women are most physically attracted to.

Dates with emotional potential require the most analysis and preparation, because you’re investing in the creation of what you hope will become something serious.

Ladies, in this case, the 40:60 ratio for skin displayed is a really great rule to follow. It means that showing 40-60 percent of your skin is more attractive than showing a larger percentage, which still allows you to be a little sexy.

The best choices for a date with this kind of potential are blazers, a-line dresses and pencil skirts. A helpful thought to have when picking out clothes for this date is to consider if you would look presentable if you met his parents dressed that way. In the area of hair and makeup, just like with skin, less is always more.

Gentlemen, the rule about meeting her parents applies for your style choices, too, so keep that in consideration. Along the lines of what to wear, a nice casual blazer, a cardigan and chino pants are all pieces that give a great first impression.

In addition to wearing nice clothes, being well-groomed with clean-cut facial hair helps as well. For both genders, if you put as much care into what you wear as in your care about what your date will think of you, things will go fine.

The most difficult and final category to style is the undecided, because just like the title states, you are undecided. The best thing to do for dates like these where you’re not sure at all how it will turn out is to play it safe and not be too hot or too cold with your clothing choices.

Crop tops, high-low dresses and skinny jeans are always safe options for girls, because you can dress them up and down with little work. Sleek shiny hair and smoky eye makeup are a great combination for any outfit and can’t disappoint.

For men, polo shirts, prep-style shorts and short-sleeve button downs are casual pieces that show you have style and also that you care somewhat about the impression you’re giving.

A big mistake guys make in this category is wearing hats. Never should you wear a hat, because it sends a message that you don’t really care. You are not attending a football game; it’s a date, so it should be treated that way.

Whether you want something physical, emotional or are undecided, the signals that your clothing sends can make a dramatic difference in how your night turns out and if a second date is in your future.

The last suggestion for daters is to remember that dates are just like job interviews. If you dress for the job you want to get, you’ll always end up on top at the end of the night.

first date outfit

Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit


As students living in a college town, it can be hard surviving the constant temperature changes of northwest Arkansas and keeping up with the always-shifting fashion trends. In light of this, I present to you the Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit. This kit will contain a list of three unisex items and five individual items per gender that are sure to add spice to any outfit, without making it feel contrived and overdone.

Starting off the unisex list of items is a great pair of dark denim jeans for those days when you care or you don’t. For ladies, they should highlight all the right areas in a slim fit, and for gentleman a straight leg will give you that comfort and carefree stylish look you desire. A bonus in buying a dark denim wash is that the color will not show much wear and tear in wet or cold weather, and that’s a factor since winter is right around the corner.

The second is a distressed-yet-fitted-style sweatshirt. This will come in handy for those mornings when you oversleep and just need something quick and chic to grab and go on the run to class. These sweatshirts don’t have to have any graphics; the goal is to find them in a great color like mauve, which will go with virtually anything.

The closing unisex item is a pair of statement sunglasses that speak to your individuality. For guys, a larger, block-style frame usually works better, and with the support of a dark lens they can give that dark, mysterious look. Ladies, more angular, cat-shaped eye frames are very on trend this season and can be sultry and sensuous.


For women, the following items are meant to take any outfit from drab to fab.

First is the head turban, for those days when your hair just won’t behave. These chic cloth and silk pieces will add a flair to your hair that will distract even the most attentive viewer.

Next on the list is the high-low sheath dress, which comes in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. The most important thing to remember is to maintain the silhouette’s integrity; don’t weigh it down with coats and coverings, as the dress will speak volumes by itself.

The motorcycle jacket is next on the list. This fall, there are tons of cuts and patterns to pick from, whether you are a classic beauty looking to add a little edge to your closet or a rocker chick looking for studs and more.

Moving forward, bracelets and large, jewel-accented necklaces are two accessories that can take a dress from fine to fierce. These accent pieces call for attention, and if you rock them, you’ll be showered with compliments.

The final item is a pair of leather riding boots, because no girl wants to wear heels every day. The key to these boots is not focusing on the height of the boot and focusing more on finding a neutral color you can blend with your current wardrobe. These slim boots will pair greatly with your dark denim jeans but will also look great with your sheath dress if styled correctly.


For the guy’s portion of the survival kit, some of these items you may own, but if they’re not in the right style and fit, they aren’t giving you the best wear.

The first item is the slim-cut short blazer, and it should be no longer than mid-thigh. I suggest a navy one for beginners, which allows you to branch out to more colors from there.

A large-face watch is next and can be in your choice of leather or metal band — whichever you prefer. When asked the time, a gentleman who looks at his watch seems so much more prepared for work, and, if nothing more, a watch can be a great cosmetic touch to a simple everyday outfit or evening cocktail suit.

The third item on the list is an old-fashioned bow tie, but not one that’s pre-tied. These ties are making quite the comeback and can really send a statement on an interview or a date.

A pair of straight-leg khaki chino pants is the next item on the list. These can be worn on an everyday trip to class, student government meeting or even a night out on the town.

The last item on the list is a pair of leather-bound boat shoes in your choice of color, whether it be brown, black, tan or gray.

This Fayetteville Fashion Survival Kit features items in every category of dress from shoes and clothing to accessories for both genders. With broad suggestions like these, each wearer can take these guidelines add their own personal touches to it. With these tips, you can not only survive Fayetteville this fall but thrive.