Justin-Rayne’s Rules: Vol. 2

  • What is so bad about cargo shorts?

Well what may be easier to discuss is what’s good about cargo shorts. Um let’s take a second. PING. Not a mother fuxking thing. They’re baggy, are practically made from camping tarp, and contribute nothing to you or society.

The essential issue with cargo pants is that they scream immaturity and a lack of self interest as a whole. Some of my friends love to exclaim, “But, these are just for lounging around.” Well my advice to you would be to keep them lounged within the secrecy of your home, and NEVER allow them to exit.

Also, if you’re truly trying to mature and grow as a person, you have to accept the age old notion that, “Perception is reality.” I know it sucks, but it most definitely has some truth to it. No self-respecting person would want to walk around the park on a date with you in tan carpenter pants with 18 pockets.

As a general rule I always advise people, if you’re not painting put those puppies away.

  • How to determine if the clothing you already own is ‘cool’?

Let us first address the problem in your question. If you have to ask if your clothing is cool, that’s a problem within itself. Fashion is most certainly a form of personal expression, but instead of using the term ‘cool’ as a barometer for judgement let’s switch it with on trend.

If you’re an individual that cares about being in style and on trend the easiest route to follow would be to pick up a magazine or visit a popular fashion blog. They’re current, allow you to make a choice based on your style of dress, and are subject to your personal execution of the outfit.

A general rule to apply when looking for style’spiration is to take high fashion or popular pieces you like, and try to repurpose the items you currently own to mimic the styles. Why waste money on new things when your closet already has a few things you could be using?

Your clothing is as cool as you believe it is. Now whether it’s on trend or in fashion is a complete different story. But I believe in you without a doubt.

  • Are there brands that refurbish?

There really isn’t a such thing as brands that refurbish. That essentially would mean they take back and resell old pieces after repairing them, and that’s kind of horrid.

What’s popular with many designers now, such as Jordan is to recreate past patterns or styles with a fresh twist. This has become a popular trend with iconic design houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and on a more sensible fashion level Tommy Hilfiger.

In the vain of warranties or returns, L.L. Bean and Nordstrom have an unlimited return/exchange policy with practically no questions asked. So perhaps that’s something to consider as well.

I would suggest if you’re looking for something old school, simply head over to a thrift shop and grab a few vintage pieces for next to nothing.

7 Rules To Being A Ruthless Bastard

You want money. You want power. You want sex. Well all that shxt costs. Other people that is, and here’s where you learn how to make them start paying.

In lieu of the impending release of grand master of strategy Frank Underwood’s fourth season of House of Cards; I felt it incumbent upon me to share with you the basics to being a ruthless bastard.

Before we begin the journey that will inevitably lead us all to hell, I’ll share these short words of inspiration via Underwood with you. “From this moment on, you are a rock. You absorb nothing, you say nothing and nothing breaks you.”

With that in mind let’s get to grinding to the top.

If you didn’t gather it from my inspirational quote, feelings cannot be a factor if you’re going to claw your way to the top. So bury those sensitive little fuxkers out in a field in the middle of Wyoming, and NEVER look back. Get to being a better version of yourself here.


Buying Underwear For Dummies

As I previously stated, electing underwear is the foundation to any sort of personal style. With that in mind, what kind of brother from another mother would I be if I didn’t provide you with a few choice options to get you started along your way.

These recommendations are guaranteed to surprise and delight not only, but maybe a boo, bae, or something in-between too! Good luck and good underwear hunting guys.

It’s Not Rocket Science. But It Is Underwear.

Some people think that the notion of picking out underwear is this haphazard activity that can be made with reckless abandon. Well, I’m sorry to tell you big homie: It ain’t that simple.

Comfort should always be the primary motivating force behind a clothing choice, but there are just a few other factors that should be taken into account before you seal the deal; or better yet break open that new pack of undies. You know those nut huggers can’t be returned once opened right? That’s your first fun fact right there.

Underwear is the foremost foundational element of anyone’s wardrobe and as such has to be handled with respect and care. With that in mind, the Gods of the Loin wouldn’t be pleased if we didn’t dispel the most trivial of myths on the market. For starters, it’s outright false that there is an underwear that goes with everything. I’m sorry bro, the only brand of underwear that goes with any outfit is BA&B — bare ass and balls. If kicking it commando works for you traditionally for comfort, I challenge you to take a few notes from this on what style to wear when and where. I promise you that with a proper pairing between occasion and undergarment style you’ll feel free as a bird.

Versus looking at underwear as a obligation, let’s approach it as an accessory, like an Apple Watch. That’s quite the difference of products, but the analogy can really work. One of the most marketable aspects of the watch is that you can buy multiple bands to fit various facets of your life. Viewing underwear as an accommodation to the many facets of your style can make committing to its wear that much simpler.

I believe in tackling the pair with the largest amount of resistance first, briefs. Let me guess some of your thoughts. “These are tighty whities!” “Nothing about these could ever be comfortable,” etc. The key to pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is removing the negative stigma you have around them.

Get the rest of my tighty whitey breakdown here.

Wear What He Wore: Oscars 2016

This awards season, although the men dominated the show itself, their fashion didn’t seem the top priority. Perhaps that was because they were hard at work honing their craft.

Although, their clothing choices weren’t the most innovative they most certainly were stellar presentations of classic designs and styles, as to be expected. Check out my list of this award season’s best dressed beauxs here.

Puma & Alife Make Magic Again!

Sneaker veteran, Puma has once again collaborated with streetwear rookie, Alife, to produce a captivating line of clothing and footwear. Their 2016 Spring/Summer collection is all about combining the things both brands find value in. (Now that’s how you do a partnership!)

The collection is really taking an interesting approach towards combing concept with design. By using Puma’s classic, “Blaze of Glory” sneaker design and Alife’s textile innovations, they’ve truly found their stride as partners.

Combing inspiration from the classic high school football days and the Lower East Side of New York, according to reports from Hypebeast. The phrase that best encapsulates the essence that is these shoes would be, “rugged sophistication.”

The shoes Trinomic midsole featured speckled detailing, which has become a new staple for the brand, and a pairing of neoprene and nubuck leather across the upper body of the silhouette

The collection and sneakers can be found at various retailers including: Concrete, Seventyfive, and FootPatrol.


Adidas Superstar Goes Red, White, and Blue

Adidas Originals takes a new approach towards their classic ‘Superstar’ design with this new Tricolore pack.

The brand has made quite the comeback with several collaborations with celebrity influencers such as Pharrell and Kanye West. This had led way to them realizing that there is no reason for them to reinvent the wheel. This collection pays homage to the land of the free featuring tonal red, white, and ‘Halo Blue’ colorways.

Some of the more prominent design features of this classic sneaker are the rubber shell toe, suede heel paneling and upper perforated leather covering. Adidas has finally found their voice and place in the marketplace, and things are only looking up; especially with a price point of $100. Pick up a pair today here.

Wear What He’s Wearing: Grammys 2016

For the first time in Grammy history, this year the guys out dressed the girls, and I believe it’s about freaking time. 

But clearly the thing that made men the frontrunners this year in fashion had to be their confidence in owning their personal style. For the winners this year they embraced the Color of The Year, a properly tailored blazer/suit, or just relied on one item to shine versus everything.

Here are Magnifier’s Best Dressed Men:

Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt Grammys

The most impressive part about Hunt’s suit is that it truly fits the guy just right. I mean, when you think about it, if you’re going to have on a silk pink suit; it better fit fuxking amazing.

James Bay

James Bay

James Bay was all about self-expression and staying true to his rocker boy ways. It actually paid off for him when he paired some skinny trousers with a velvet blazer and english top hat.


Common Grammys

Common kept it cool, calm, and consistent last night, without a doubt. With just a bit of embellishment on the lapel of his blazer. He kept it chill with black from head to toe and patent leather loafers.

Sam Smith

Sam Smith Grammys

The award-winning singer displayed a slimmer version of himself in a sleeker look that was most certainly euro-inspired. Wearing a 3-piece bespoke suit, Smith could definitely be in the next Kingsman movie whooping ass and singing love songs.

Jack Antonoff

jack antonoff grammys

Jack Antonoff broke out as a style highlight for sure this year. Sometimes less is more, especially if you are looking to switch up your style. Following Antonoff’s strategy of wearing a blazer in a non-traditional color paired with simple furnishings can never fail you.

Wiz Khalifa

wiz khalifa grammys

The rapper turned Twitter warrior took us to the runway with his tuxedo-jacket with tails and matching regalia accessories. If I had to describe how he looked overall I would describe him as ‘Puffing Prince Charming’.

No matter the reason, whether it’s the Grammy Awards, or just a black tie event, the key to winning in style is simple. Be yourself, own your style, and make fashion work for you.

Drake Announces ‘Views’ Season With A Billboard

Coming off the heels of a recent string of disses, his most recent being, “Summer Sixteen,” Drake is creating even more hype around himself. The rapper announced his hometown homage album, “Views From The 6ix,” will be released in April, and people cannot wait.

Drizzy announced the date almost out of nowhere on billboard located right above the Jordan store in Dundas Square in his hometown of Toronto,according to reports from HYPEBEAST.

Talk about an amazing marketing plan.

Furthermore, to increase more anticipation, fans are saying their seeing advertisements for the 6God’s album over the city as well. So I guess it’s #ViewsSZN now folks. Get READY!


Puma’s Back in a ‘Blaze of Glory’

PUMA has come back from the bowels of sneaker shame with a new twist on a throwback that will give retro sneaker heads exactly what they’ve been feigning for.

The PUMA “Blaze of Glory,” design is not new to any of us, but this colorway, titled ‘Street Dark’, is probably, if not, one of the most intriguing ever. Combining multiple textures and colors, from leather to suede, and midnight blue to brick red; this sneaker has definitely brought back respect to the fashion brand.

Created in collaboration between brands STAMPD, Monkey Time, and Ne.Sense, this retro runner, as HYPEBEAST puts it, retails around $135. If you love it, or even like it I’d suggest you’d click on over to Revolve Man and cop you a pair now.